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2nd Quarter Update


There was a Memorial Ceremony for Bro. Robert E. Ring, Past Master of MacArthur Lodge. His son and current Master of MacArthur, Ken gave the eulogy.

It was Bro. Augusto’s final meeting at Lodge Han Yang. He affiliated with the lodge a few years ago, and has now returned to the Grand Lodge of Cuba.

The District 10 Scottish Rite held their Palm Sunday observance.

Pusan Lodge held a Master Mason Degree for Bro. Joe.

Under the direction of a local charity group, Pusan Lodge also visited several retired and elderly citizens’ houses to provide required maintenance services for them.

Lodge Han Yang held an Entered Apprentice Degree for Bros. Remi, Georges, and Jacob.

Truman Lodge did a Mark Master Mason Degree for Bros. Nate and Jason.

The District 10 Shriners hosted one of their annual events on post.

The Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Washington held their annual Far East District Session in Okinawa, where District 10 was in full attendance.


Truman Lodge held a Fellow Craft degree for Bro. Gary.

Truman also held their annual Cinco de Mayo event.

Louis R. Solomon #112 and Lion of Judah #94 held a joint Master Mason degree.

The Seoul Bodies Scottish Rite held their spring reunion and conferral.

Lion of Judah hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch.

Truman Lodge held a Fellow Craft Degree for Bro. Jameson.

Lion of Judah also supported the Army Field Support Battalion’s Family Day.

Han Yang held their annual Mother’s Day BBQ

Han Yang held a Master Mason degree for Bro. Hoon, and also welcomed Bro. Simon Emilenelech, PM of Lodge Solomons Pillars #59, Eilet, Israel.

Pusan Lodge said farewell to Bro. Sam, and welcomed the Stark Brothers. Bro. Charles also returned to the lodge after 15 years.


Truman Lodge held a Master Mason Degree for Bros. Gary and Jameson.

Rose of Sharon Chapter held an acknowledgement and exaltation for Comps. Jason, Ben, and Ken.

Visiting Comp. Rob from the English Constitution also attended the meeting. Unfortunately he could not attend the Mark Affiliation and Excellent Master portions, since English Chapters do not work those degrees. But after taking a heling obligation not to reveal the passing of the veils, he was able to attend the Royal Arch degree.

Lodge Han Yang made their annual visit to Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery.

Seoul Shrine Club presented a scholarship check to SAHS graduate Juliann Patarini, winner of their essay competition.

The Widow’s Sons had a mini reunion at the lodge building in Pyeongtaek.

Guiding Light #95 held a Master Mason Degree for Bro. Doug and company.

The Seoul Bodies Scottish Rite held an education meeting.

Truman Lodge had a going away party for Bros. Harold and Ben.

Lion of Judah hosted a Father’s Day brunch.

Pusan Korea Lodge held an Entered Apprentice Degree.

And I also had a chance to present the traveling gavel to the Master of the lodge.

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Universality within the Rose Croix

The chapter degrees of the Rose Croix are not only consistent in teaching absolute truths to all those who receive them, but also reinforces the very notion of universality itself in its underlying themes:

All the emblems, forms and ceremonies of Masonry are symbolical of great primitive truths, which each one is at liberty to interpret in accordance with his own faith. (Pike, 1857) 


Here in the Southern Jurisdiction, good men of every race and every religious faith can receive all the Degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry. All our Degrees illuminate the mind and inculcate the virtues with but one object in view: the fraternal union of all good men working together for the benefit of the human race. (Hoyos, 2009)

In the 15th degree, King Cyrus frees Zerubbabel and the Hebrews from their Babylonian captivity, and grants them liberty of passage to the West so they may rebuild the temple at Jerusalem. The bridge with the initials L.D.P. represent this, but also symbolizes freedom of thought and religion (liberté de penser), which a Knight of the East should always defend.

To freedom of thought, freedom of the conscience, political, and religious liberty, the Knights of the East of old were devoted. The eagle is the symbol of liberty as the bridge spanning the stream is a symbol of the passage of an individual or a people from slavery to freedom, from servitude and subjugation to independence and nationality, from spiritual bondage to spiritual liberty. (Hoyos, 2009)


In the 16th degree, the temple is completed, but not without its frustrations. As Princes of Jerusalem, we’re not building a physical temple, but rather a symbolic one, not only in our hearts but also throughout the world as a universal philosophy.

WE no longer expect to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem. To us it has become but a symbol. To us the whole world is God’s Temple, as is every upright heart. To establish all over the world the New Law and Reign of Love, Peace, Charity, and Toleration, is to build that Temple, most acceptable to God, in erecting which Masonry is now engaged. (Pike, 1872)


The pursuit of Masonry is to build the Symbolic Temple all over the world. To follow the path of Masonic Truth is to understand that the action of life is the arena for spiritual and moral improvement because all of life and the world is spiritual and moral. (Hutchens, 2006)

The remaining chapter degrees are less historical and more philosophical.

In the 17th degree, the candidate, who is weary of existing philosophies, repents and is baptized as a Knight of the East and West in order to prepare for the apocalypse, and in the end conquers and triumphs over evil. We are taught that the ancient religions of the East and West all contain the same basic truths: God is great, and good will ultimately prevail.

All the barriers that had formerly kept the nations apart, were thrown down; and while the People of the West readily connected their faith with those of the East, those of the Orient hastened to learn the traditions of Rome and the legends of Athens.

The Apocalypse or Revelations, by whomever written, belongs to the Orient and to extreme antiquity. It reproduces what is far older than itself. It paints, with the strongest colors that the Oriental genius ever employed, the closing scenes of the great struggle of Light, and Truth, and Good, against Darkness, Error, and Evil; personified in that between the New Religion on one side, and Paganism and Judaism on the other. The ideas and imagery are borrowed from every quarter; and allusions are found in it to the doctrines of all ages. (Pike, 1872)


The great truths comes from the Zend – Avesta of the Persians, the Vedas of the Hindus, the writings of Plato and Pythagoras, from the ancient countries of Phoenicia, Syria, Greece and Egypt and from the Holy Books of the Jews. Masonry gleaned the truth from the error in these ancient doctrines and continues to pass it on. They are very simple and sublime lessons: God is one, immutable, unchangeable, infinitely just and good; light will finally overcome darkness, good conquer evil, and truth be victor over error. (Hutchens, 2006)

Finally, in the 18th degree, in searching for the Lost Word, the candidate ponders how to reconcile the existence of evil, and discovers the New Law of Love. At this particular juncture, we already understand that the symbols and lessons presented to us are not only truths to those who originally perceived them, but as absolute truths can also be applied to our own beliefs. We are also reminded of those universal virtues first introduced to us as Entered Apprentices; that faith begins where reason ends, that hope enables us to overcome evil, and that charity teaches us to be tolerant of other’s beliefs.

If anywhere brethren of a particular religious belief have been excluded from this degree, it merely shows how gravely the plans and purposes of Masonry may be misunderstood; for whenever the door of any one degree is closed against him who believes in one God and the soul’s immortality, on account of the other tenets of his faith, that degree is no longer Masonry, which is universal, but some other thing, that is exclusive, and accordingly Intolerant. (McClenachan, 1884)


If any see in it a type of the peculiar mysteries of any faith or creed, or an allusion to any past occurrences, it is their right to do so. Let each apply its symbols as he pleases. To all of us they typify the universal rule of Masonry,–of its three chief virtues, Faith, Hope and Charity; of brotherly love and universal benevolence. We labor here to no other end. These symbols need no other interpretation.

When, lo, a voice, in the inconsiderable Roman Province of Judea proclaims a new Gospel–a new “God’s Word,” to crushed, suffering, bleeding humanity. Liberty of Thought, Equality of all men in the eye of God, universal Fraternity! a new doctrine, a new religion; the old Primitive Truth uttered once again! (Pike, 1872)

Men of all creeds can be accepted as Knights of the Rose Croix, equipped with these universal truths, to practice virtue in order to defeat evil.

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On Adoniram

It is interesting that Adoniram is such an important figure in the higher degrees, yet is never mentioned in the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, or Master Mason rituals.

In the Bible he is named as the overseer of the levy in the forests of Lebanon:


He sent them to Lebanon in shifts of 10,000 men per month. They worked in Lebanon for one month, and then spent two months at home. Adoniram was supervisor of the work crews.

– I Kings 5:14

In the York Rite’s Royal Master degree, he has a conversation with his companion and mentor, Hiram Abiff, in which he is informed that in the event of Hiram’s death, the secret word can be found in the temple’s vault:


Adoniram then said, “Suppose one of you three, even you yourself should be removed by death prior to that event, how then shall I receive it?” After commenting on the subject of death, Hiram Abiff with a significant gesture replied, “If I die, it will be buried there.”

Hiram Abiff informs Adoniram that his search is not yet complete, instructs him that in due time he will receive his reward, and returns him to the clay grounds to continue his labors. Not long after, Hiram Abiff is murdered.

In the Scottish Rite’s 5th degree, Perfect Master, Adoniram conducts Hiram Abiff’s funeral ceremony and recites some commemorative poetry:

Our ancient Brethren whelm’d in grief,
Lamented their departed chief!
Let us, his pupils long revere
A name to memory so dear – as Hiram Abif.


In mystic rites our Lodge displays
its sorrows and its fadeless praise:
Long may the sweet acacia bloom,
And garlands fresh adorn the tomb – of Hiram Abif.

In the 8th degree, Intendant of the Building, he is appointed Superintendent of the Work, to help carry out the completion of the temple along with four other young and eager Intendants of the Building, to whom Hiram Abiff communicated the arts and sciences that he learned in Egypt and the East.

Adoniram is then made chief architect and successor to Hiram Abiff in the 12th degree, Master Architect, owing to his having gained superior knowledge and skill:

Also to assure uniformity in the work and to reward the superior skill of Adoniram, the son of Abada, Solomon appointed him to be Chief Architect of the Temple, with the title of Master Architect. Adoniram was invested with that office as sole successor and representative of the deceased Master Hiram. This, of course, created him a Grand Master, the equal, as such, of Solomon and Hiram, King of Tyre.


It should be noted, however, that even though Adoniram was now on equal ground with King Solomon and Hiram, King of Tyre, he did not yet receive the Master’s Word for it was agreed upon between them and Hiram Abiff that the word would never be given unless the three of them were present and the temple was completed.

In the 13th degree, Royal Arch of Solomon, Adoniram along with two Intendants of the Building not only discover Enoch’s crypt, but also the treasure he had left there:

Adoniram then descended. and passing through three more openings, reached the ninth apartment. As he reached it, his companions dislodged some rubbish above, which, falling upon him, bruised him and extinguished his torch; and he then discovered, in the center of the apartment, a luminous triangular pedestal of white alabaster, hollow, and lighted by an undying fire within;

13 and upon which sat a cube of agate, into one face of which was sunk a plate of gold, thickly encrusted with precious gems that glittered in the light; and enameled on the plate the Ineffable Name of Deity; as the same had been placed there by Enoch, the patriarch.

Adoniram is taught the meaning and pronunciation of the Ineffable Word and is made a “perfect mason”, a term which reappears in the installation ceremony of certain lodges, and refers to the time when he was presented by King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba:

Adoniram thereupon approached the illustrious monarch and his distinguished guest, and would have prostrated himself at his royal master’s feet, but King Solomon prevented him by taking hold of him, saying, “Rise, perfect mason.”


Thus, Adoniram teaches us to remain content and that in due time we shall receive our reward; to encourage the timid, to repress the forward, and to reward the worthy; that the ablest, wisest, and best of every nation should be its leaders; and that we should seek knowledge from pure motives with zeal and devotedness. He is, in essence, the pattern and exemplar of all Installed Masters.


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1st Quarter Update


Lodge Harry S. Truman held a Fellow Craft degree for Bro. Ian.

jan 7

MacArthur Lodge held their annual installation of office bearers. Bro. Ben was installed as Worshipful Master.

jan 23 (13)

Pusan Lodge held an Entered Apprentice degree for Bro. Jacob.

jan 23 (15)

Lodge Han Yang held a Master Mason degree for Bros. Roy, Eel-Hee, and Sunghoon.

jan 27

Lodge Harry S. Truman also held a Master Mason degree which was followed by a Burns Supper.

jan 30 (10)

The Widow’s Sons participated in the Yongsan Road Dragon’s Annual Polar Bear Run.

The Seoul Shrine Club met on Yongsan Garrison and elected their new officers for the year.

jan 30 (3)


The Right Worshipful Master of Lodge Han Yang, along with a small deputation, visited II Corinthians Lodge #96, Prince Hall Affiliated, Washington and Jurisdiction.

feb 5

Lodge Han Yang also had an Entered Apprentice Degree for Bros. Marc, Mike, and Greg.

feb 10

Bro. Keith returned his Fellow Craft proficiency at MacArthur’s regular stated meeting.

feb 16 (2)

Truman Lodge held an Entered Apprentice Degree for Bro. Harold.

feb 18

Lodge Han Yang got together at Little Cuba to enjoy some cigars and rum.

feb 20

Lodge Han Yang also said farewell to Bro. Lex, who had supported the lodge for several years.

Along with the District Grand Master of the Far East and Bros. Derek and Julien, I attended the 2016 International Scottish Masonic Conference in Penang, Malaysia. The District Grand Lodge of the Middle East held their Centenary Re-dedication, and I had the pleasure of meeting Bro. Charles, the Grand Master Mason of Scotland.

feb 27 (5)



As a way to inform traveling brethren of our presence, Lodge Harry S. Truman erected a banner outside the main gate of Osan Air Base, at the entrance to the Shinjang Shopping Mall.

Mar 3

The Right Worshipful Master of Han Yang played a very gracious host to Brethren visiting from the Grand Lodge of Japan.

Lodge Han Yang also did an Entered Apprentice Degree for Bros. Bertie and Valiant. Brethren especially enjoyed meeting visiting Bro. Darran from Danycoed Lodge #8127 EC, Caerphilly, Wales UK, who gave a very spirited and well done charge for the degree.

The Seoul Shrine Club made a contribution to the 2016 Seoul American High School Girls Athletic Sport Banquet.

mar 10

The Scottish Rite held their annual installation of officers.

Truman Lodge got a piano! The secretary is learning the songs to be used during ceremonies.

Truman Lodge also held a St. Paddy’s Day Party and Past Master’s Dinner.

Lodge Han Yang elected Bro. Sangmin as the new Worshipful Junior Warden.

mar 23

And finally, Pusan Lodge held a regular business meeting as well as a 1st degree practice which was supported by visiting brethren.

mar 26

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May Update

On May 10th, the Seoul Bodies Scottish Rite held their spring conferral. Eleven candidates received the Master of the Royal Secret Degree (32nd).


On May 11th, Elect Lady of the East Chapter #54 (OES) held a going away party for Sis. Jasmine and Bro. Brock.


On May 14th, Lodge Han Yang held a business meeting, followed by the usual harmony.


On May 16th & 17th, Elect Lady of the East Chapter sold cupcakes and chocolates for Christ’s Joy charities at HBC Fest. Over $500 was raised.

On May 18th, Lodge Han Yang held their annual Mother’s Day BBQ.

Han Yang Mothers Day BBQ 2014 (1)

On May 22nd, Truman Lodge had an off night Harmony with some great BBQ and a nice old game of Left-Right-Center.

On May 28th, Lodge Han Yang did courtesy work for Truman Lodge and passed Bro. Justin to the 2nd or Fellow Craft Degree.


On May 29th, Truman Lodge met for another Harmony to discuss and plan upcoming fundraisers and charities.

On May 31st, Truman Lodge cooked and sold pulled pork at the MATO Festival in Anjeong-ri.

Also on May 31st, Pusan Lodge held a 1st degree.


Actually there was a lot going on that day. MacArthur Lodge had a 2nd degree and potluck afterward.


Talk about a busy month. Good job to everyone for all the work they’ve been putting in.

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SR Installation, Poker and Party

On March 8, The Seoul Bodies Scottish Rite had their installation and a Knight’s Command of the Court of Honor ceremony.


Congratulations to all. To learn more about the Scottish Rite, click here.

There was also a Poker Tournament later in the day to fundraise for the Scottish Rite.

Finally, we got up to seoul for Bro. Cagri’s wedding reception. There was a lot of attendance from Lodge Han Yang.

Congrats Bro. Cagri, all the best.

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Scottish Rite

Recently the Seoul Valley of the Scottish Rite (Southern Jurisdiction) had a pancake breakfast and an open installation ceremony in Pyeongtaek.

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry commonly known as simply the Scottish Rite, is one of several Rites of Freemasonry. A Rite is a series of progressive degrees that are conferred by various Masonic organizations or bodies, each of which operates under the control of its own central authority. In the Scottish Rite the central authority is called a Supreme Council.


The thirty-three degrees of the Scottish Rite are conferred by several controlling bodies. The first of these is the Craft Lodge which confers the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason degrees. Craft lodges operate under the authority of Grand Lodges, not the Scottish Rite. Although most lodges throughout the English-speaking world do not confer the Scottish Rite versions of the first three degrees, there are lodges that have traditionally conferred the Scottish Rite version of these degrees.


The Scottish Rite is one of the appendant bodies of Freemasonry that a Master Mason may join for further exposure to the principles of Freemasonry. In England and some other countries, while the Scottish Rite is not accorded official recognition by the Grand Lodge, there is no prohibition against a Freemason electing to join it. In the United States, however, the Scottish Rite is officially recognized by Grand Lodges as an extension of the degrees of Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite builds upon the ethical teachings and philosophy offered in the craft lodge, or Blue Lodge, through dramatic presentation of the individual degrees.

The installation ceremony was straight and to the point as all of the various officers were installed into their new positions.

Afterwards Bro Brian was presented with his 32° diploma and we had a nice harmony in the Keystone Lounge.

If you notice in the photos the brethren are wearing different colored caps. Each color represents a different rank:

Master of the Royal Secret.  This hat is worn by 32° Scottish Rite Masons. The majority of members in the Scottish Rite wear this hat.
Knights Commander of the Court of Honor.  This hat is worn by 32°, KCCH Scottish Rite Masons.  The KCCH honor is bestowed on members deserving recognition for faithful service to the Rite.
 33º Inspector General Honorary.  The white caps are worn by those who have been honored with the 33º Inspector General Honorary.  The Thirty-third Degree is conferred by the Supreme Council upon members of the Rite in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or in public life, to the principles taught in the Degrees.
 Grand Cross of the Court of Honour.  The white cap with a band of blue is worn by the brother who is a 33º Mason and who has been elected by the Supreme Council to the Grand Cross of the Court of Honour.
 Deputy of the Supreme Council.  In orients (states, territories, or countries) which do not have an Active Member, the Sovereign Grand Commander appoints a “Deputy of The Supreme Council.” The Deputy has powers similar to those of a Sovereign Grand Inspector General. However, he has no vote in The Supreme Council and holds his office at the pleasure of the Sovereign Grand Commander.
50 Year Cap. The blue caps are worn by those Masons who have held membership in the Rite for at least 50 years.
 Sovereign Grand Inspector General.The purple cap denotes a 33º Sovereign Grand Inspector General and an active member of the Supreme Council.  He is the highest ranking officer of the Rite within his jurisdiction, and, in relation to the Rite, his powers are similar to those of a Grand Master of the Symbolic Craft subject, however, to The Supreme Council and the Sovereign Grand Commander.
 Sovereign Grand Commander.  The Sovereign Grand commander is the highest ranking officer of the Supreme Council and the chief executive and judicial officer of the Rite within this Supreme Council’s Jurisdiction.

Orient of Maryland. (2008). Caps | Scottish Rite. Baltimore, Maryland.

Scottish Rite. Wikipedia.

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ROK Yo Frat

There was an event on Yongsan Garrison Friday night for fraternities and sororities that are masonic in nature. RWM Pete and I caught wind of it just by chance a couple days before while we were driving to McDonald’s and this woman was on the radio was advertising it.

Our lodge is primarily made of civilians so we needed a little help getting on base. Here's us waiting at the gate. Poor Pete looks a little frazzled.

The event was put on by the Order of the Eastern Star, but there were also people representing Knights Templar, Royal Arch, Prince Hall, Daughter’s of the Nile, the Shrine, Scottish Rite.. even the Ancient Order of the Turtles!

May I take your "order?"

It was a really good thing to be able to network and to make new connections.

This is my good friend, Jen. She was a member of Rainbow Girls, Job's Daughters and Daughters of the Nile but she never quite made it to Eastern Star. She got connected right away and hopefully it won't be long before she becomes a member! And since I'm also a member of the Eastern Star, I'll be able to go to her initiation and support her!

And of course, we came out and represented Han Yang in full Scottish style.

As Han Yang brethren, Kevin and Neal know exactly what's expected of them.

I even got to experience my first Soul Train. The DJ was playing Billy Jean, but since I can’t moon walk I just grabbed my crotch and did my thing. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Someone from Eastern Star even told me that I  represented my order quite well. Some people network through conversation, I guess I do it through dancing.

Some really great line dancing, though I failed miserably at it.

At the end of the night, we all got initiated into the Ancient Order of the Turtles. I’ve always wanted to be a member! I can’t wait to get my dues card in the mail.

Are you a turtle?

All in all, it was a great opportunity to connect with other brethren who we actually haven’t had that much contact with. I really hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship. Sorry for the cliche, but that’s how it is.

Everyone was just so warm and friendly. As it should be.

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