Lodge Han Yang No. 1048

Lodge Han Yang No. 1048 is the oldest Masonic Lodge in the Republic of Korea. Consecrated in November of 1908 the Lodge has endured the Occupation of Japan, World War II and the Korean War. Our members come from Korea and around the world making our Lodge truly cosmopolitan. Our Lodge is a Scottish Constitution Lodge under the guidance of the District Grand Lodge of the Far East.

The Lodge meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month at 7:30pm in the Cheesman Room of the Seoul Club. Visiting Brethren are always welcome!

Website: www.lodgehanyang.org

Email: hanyangmason@hotmail.com

MacArthur Lodge No. 183

MacArthur Lodge No. 183, chartered in 1964, is the only Masonic Lodge of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines in operation on the Korean Peninsula. Morning Calm Lodge No. 189 merged with MacArthur Lodge No. 183 in 1996. All constituent lodges of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines work a form of the American Webb Ritual, closely aligned to Californian forms. Consequently, lodges open in the third degree, and conduct normal lodge business at separate meetings.

MacArthur Lodge No. 183 meets on the Yongsan U.S. Army Garrison in Seoul. Meetings take place on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm. Special meetings are also held on some Saturday mornings for degree work.

Website: www.macarthur183.net

Email: thewebmaster@macarthur183.net


Lodge Harry S. Truman No. 1727

Harry S. Truman Masonic Lodge was founded in 1979. Harry S. Truman is a Scottish Constituted Lodge under the Charter of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The lodge building is located nearby Pyeongtaek City. Meetings are usually followed by harmony in the Keystone Lounge.

Lodge Truman meets on the first and third Thursdays of every month at 7:00pm and usually holds special meetings on the second Saturday of the month.

Website: www.trumanlodge1727.com

Email: secretary@trumanlodge1727.com


Pusan Lodge No. 1675

Pusan Lodge No. 1675 was chartered on 3 May 1973, on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Pusan Lodge No. 1675 meets on one Saturday each month. Contact the lodge secretary for further details.

Email: ltcalexander@hotmail.com

·Prince Hall·

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodges of Texas, Oklahoma, and Washington

There are several Prince Hall Affiliate lodges, chapters, commanderies, courts and palaces throughout the peninsula – all on U.S. military bases.

Contact these individual lodges for further details.


District 26B, Jurisdiction of Texas

District 21, Jurisdiction of Oklahoma

District 10, Jurisdiction of Washington


159 thoughts on “Lodges

  1. James D Finley says:

    I am interested in joining. My father was a free mason.

  2. Rodrigo A. Joven says:

    Fraternal greetings to all brothers here in korea, i am presently working here at DSME yard here at okpo, geoje south korea, I am member of union :: # 70 district R1 CAR B under the Jurisdiction of Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the Philippines. Is there any lodge located in Busan Pusan? If have how to go any transportation , taxi or bus which is better, or any assistance from any brothers here. Thanks may the GAOTU bless us all.

  3. 서정우 says:

    저기 사후세계가 있나요?

    • That’s for yourself to decide. In Freemasonry we believe in God, so it’s given that there is an afterlife.

      • That’s only the case in Conservative “Regular” Freemasonry. That Freemasonry makes up 99% of the Freemasonry in the US, Great Britain, the British Commonwealth and nations colonized by the US or Great Britain (including Korea). HOWEVER, in Latin America and Continental Europe, your Conservative so-called “Regular” Freemasonry only makes up about 30% of the lodges and the majority are made up of Orders like the ones that make up CLIPSAS —–>


        and many (if not most) of these organizations do NOT require a belief in Deity.

        It’s like McDonald’s telling everyone that “This is NOT how hamburgers are made…” because they’re McDonald’s so somehow Burger King and Wendy’s are “illegitimate.” The United Grand Lodge of England was not founded until 1813 of the Common Era. Do some research and you will see that there was no Grand Master until that year. That means that TECHNICALLY the Grand Orient de France is the oldest continually – running Grand Obedience in Freemasonry. Oops! And guess what? They DON’T require a belief in Deity. Oops! But, you know, you can stammer and say “Well…w…w…well…they’re not…not…not…”REGULAR!!!” ” But you don’t even know what the word really means, do you?

        Guess what? Anderson’s Constitutions were not the original rules on which Speculative Freemasonry was based. Oops! See, some of us actually know what we’re talking about and don’t just listen to the brainwashing that is put out by the “Regular” Obediences of Freemasonry. Some of us actually know and understand that Freemasonry — REAL Freemasonry — isn’t the drab, male – only, don’t-question-anything-political-or-religious-because-it-could-change-the-status-quo-and-our-leaders-in-the-Royal-Family-of-England-who-have-always-run-the-United-Grand-Lodge-of-England-and-all-of-their-ultra-wealthy-allies-worldwide-would-not-want-to-ever-change-that-status-quo.


        Go on. Try to argue with me. Tell me that there are not about a million or more Progressive Masons worldwide — REAL numbers, not the ultra-inflated numbers that “Regular” Freemasonry uses with dead members and octogenarians living their twilight years trapped in the Masonic Homes for old men. CLIPSAS alone makes up about a half million members worldwide and that’s nowhere close to all of the various Progressive Obediences throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Continental Europe and even Africa. And we are GROWING. Because we’re FED UP with a bunch of zombie automatons who don’t have the guts to question anything and are happy to discuss trivialities, stomped under the heel of the Royal Family of England.

        Let’s tell it like it is for once!

        I want REAL Freemasonry — REAL Esoteric Teachings and REAL Masonic Virtues — LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, EQUALITY. You can’t have Liberty if you censor talks on politics and religion. You can’t have Fraternity if black men in the US have to join the Prince Hall Orders because of the overwhelming racism among white – majority lodges (AND YOU KNOW THAT’S ALL TRUE!). You can’t have Equality if you keep telling women that they “can’t” be Freemasons when THAT’S A LIE AND WOMEN HAVE BEEN A PART OF VARIOUS MASONIC ORDERS AND LEADERS OF VARIOUS MASONIC ORDERS (NOT THE WANNABE “ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR”) THROUGHOUT EUROPE AND LATIN AMERICA AND MANY OF THESE WOMEN FREEMASONS WERE MAJOR LEADERS IN HISTORY AS WELL!


      • Wow, what a great rant. Yep, you’re 100% right brother.Freemasonry should be more universal. Unfortunately it’s not perfect because it was created by imperfect man.We all embrace what we’re given, and in a lot of ways I envy you. I’m sure anyone reading this will appreciate your comment. S&F.

  4. 안녕하세요?
    앞서 홈페이지를 잘 둘러보았습니다.
    저는 대한민국에 살고있는 평범한 시민입니다.
    저는 프리메이슨의 존재를 알고나서부터 프리메이슨에 매력을 느꼈습니다.
    그래서 이곳까지 방문하게 되었습니다.
    프리메이슨의 규칙에 저해되지 않는 범위에서 저의 질문에 대해 최대한 답변을 해주신다면 고마울 것입니다.
    그럼 제가 모르는 것들을 아래에 적어보겠습니다.

    1. 프리메이슨은 최고의 존재, 즉 절대자를 믿는 사람들로 구성되어있는 단체라고 하셨습니다. 그리고 그 절대자가 누구냐는 것은 각자의 믿음에 달려있는 것이라고 하셨습니다. 그렇다면 그 절대자는 단수가 아닌 복수가 될 수 있는 것입니까?

    2. 프리메이슨은 각자가 믿는 신들에 대해 이해하고 인정한다고 하셨는데, 그렇다면 프리메이슨은 유일신 사상이 아닌 다원주의를 표방하는 단체입니까?

    3. 프리메이슨은 비밀단체이며, 각 구성원이 남에게 프리메이슨의 단원이라는 사실을 공개적으로 알리면 안되는 것입니까? 그러한 규칙이 있습니까?

    4. 프리메이슨의 가입신청 자격은 나이에 있어서 21세 이상, 아버지가 메이슨이 아닐 시 18세 이상이라고 하셨는데, 이것은 만 나이(미국 나이)를 가리키는 것입니까?

    5. 프리메이슨에 가입 신청을 할 시, 이유없이 거절당할 때도 있다고 하셨는데, 그것은 프리메이슨 전체의 의지로 결정되는 것입니까, 아니면 어느 개인의 독자적인 권한으로 결정되는 것입니까? 무엇보다도 그 이유는 정확히 무엇입니까? 내부 사정상 비밀로 다뤄질 때도 있는 것입니까? 저는 정확히 이 점에 관해 이해가 가지 않습니다.

    6. 프리메이슨은 몇몇의 나라에서 금지당하고 박해받은 역사가 있습니다. 정치와 종교, 인종과 국가를 벗어난 세계동포애를 목표로 삼고, 자선과 박애를 실천하는 이러한 단체를 왜 여러 정부가 탄압했는지 설명해주십시오.

    7. 프리메이슨은 여성을 받지 않는다고 하셨습니다. 이 제도가 양성평등의 원칙과 충돌한다고 보지 않으십니까? 차별을 초월하는 동포애를 표방하는 것과 이러한 것은 대비됩니다. 따라서 제 생각엔 이것이 어느 정도 어폐가 있다고 보여집니다.

    8. 얼마 전 이 사이트에 올라온 BBQ 파티 사진에서 몇몇의 여성들을 발견할 수 있었습니다. 그들은 프리메이슨과 어떤 관계입니까? 프리메이슨은 아닌 것 같지만 한 번 물어봅니다.

    9. 한국의 속담 중에 이런 말이 있습니다. ‘아니 땐 굴뚝에 연기나랴?’ 즉슨 직설적으로 풀이해 물증은 없으나 심증은 있다는 말입니다. 제가 이 말을 하는 이유는 다름아닌 프리메이슨의 진정성에 관한 것입니다. 몇몇 국가의 정부로부터 금지당했던 것을 포함해, 현재에 이르러 여러 시민들과 단체들이 프리메이슨에 대해 적지 않은 의구심을 품고 있습니다. 인터넷을 포함한 여론은 이 단체에 관해 음모론을 펼치고 있으며, 심지어 그에 관한 책까지 출판되기도 합니다. 프리메이슨은 이러한 음모론들과 전혀 무관하다고 보십니까? 정말 역사를 거치며 한 번이라도 부정한 행위를 하거나 계획하지 않았다고 주장할 수 있습니까?

    10. 프리메이슨은 신비주의에 대해 어떤 입장을 취합니까? 프리메이슨은 신비주의를 현실 생활에 여러가지로 도움이 된다고 여깁니까? 솔직히 저는 이러한 신비주의의 산물이 여러 의미에서 외부인에게 오해의 소지를 제공해줄 수 있다고 생각합니다.

    11. 프리메이슨의 입단과 승진 절차는 신비주의인 고대의 의식을 모방하여 진행된다고 들었습니다. 또 프리메이슨의 계급은 33단계로 이루어져 있다고 들었습니다. 현대적인 의미에서 견주어 볼 때, 보다 형식과 절차에 중점을 두었던 고대인들의 의식은 일각에선 수직적이고 비효율적이라고 느껴질 수도 있겠습니다. 답변자님의 생각을 알고 싶습니다.

    12. 프리메이슨은 일루미나티에 대해 찬성하는 입장입니까, 반대하는 입장입니까? 그리고 그것을 공식적으로 표명한 적이 있습니까?

    13. 프리메이슨과 일루미나티는 전혀 연관이 없다는 사실을 알고 있습니다. 제가 추측해 보기에 프리메이슨은 최대 700만명의 회원을 보유한 만큼 일루미나티의 회원이 프리메이슨에 몸을 담은 사람도 없지 않을 것 같습니다. 답변자님은 이 점에 대해 어떻게 보십니까?

    14. 프리메이슨은 ‘Communitarian’이라고 하셨습니다. 이것은 한국어로 ‘공동 사회주의의 지지자’, 또는 ‘공동 사회주의자’가 될 수 있습니다. 여기서 말하는 공동 사회란 무엇을 의미하는 것이며, 기존의 공산주의, 사회주의와 어떤 공통점과 차이점이 있는지 알려주실 수 있습니까?

    15. 프리메이슨은 각자가 프리메이슨의 단원이라는 사실을 알리기 위해 프리메이슨 내에서 사용되는 여러가지 기호를 사용한다고 알고 있습니다. 다른 수단과 매체도 많을텐데, 왜 시각적인 표식에 중점을 두는지 알고 싶습니다. 프리메이슨에게 시각적인 수단은 특별한 의미를 가지거나 의미를 전달하는데 있어서 남다른 효용이 있어서 그런 것입니까?

    16. 마지막으로 프리메이슨의 가입에 있어서 영어에 능숙하지 못할 경우 신청 자격에서 제외된다고 하셨습니다. 하지만 또 올리신 어느 글에선 롯지 안의 한국어 화자가 소수 있고, 필요한 과정에 도움을 줄 수 있으니 가입과 승진이 가능하다고 하셨는데요, 정확히 영어를 구사할 수 없는 화자는 회원 가입을 할 수 있는 것입니까, 할 수 없는 것입니까? 궁금합니다.

    지금까지 모두 읽어주셔서 고맙습니다.
    답변하는데 최선을 다해주실줄 믿습니다.
    시간은 빠를수록 좋습니다.

    • Thanks for all the questions! It’s good to know that some people are so curious about Freemasonry.

      1. It’s both about self-improvement and being apart of something bigger than yourself. The Freemasons who are constantly improving themselves, work together to make a better world for everyone to live in. In helping others, we also help ourselves.

      2. Most people that join Freemasonry usually only believe in one God. There are, however, a lot of Freemasons that come from religions where there is more than one God (Hinduism, Mormonism, etc). Also, it depends on what part of the world you are in. Some lodges will only let monotheists join, while others are more liberal.

      3. There’s people who say that Freemasonry is a secret society. And then there are those who say we are a society with secrets. Although all the secrets are readily available on the internet, the secrets themselves aren’t what’s important. True, there are modes of recognition whereby we know each other to be masons. But what we try to instill into members is the importance of secrecy so that we can learn how to be trustworthy and loyal.

      4. It really depends where you are in the world. In general the age is 21, yes. In some places you can join when you’re 18 if your father is/was a mason. There’s also a masonic youth organization called DeMolay, and some jurisdictions will let someone who is 18 join if they were a member of that youth organization.

      5. There are many different reasons why people who apply to Freemasonry are not admitted. There are those who don’t realize that they must believe in a higher power. Probably the main reason is usually when the applicant has done something in his past that would consider him to be immoral. We can’t let bad people into Freemasonry. We make good men better, not turn bad men good. Sometimes the ideas of the applicant may also conflict with Freemasonry – they think they are joining to network, or be an elitist. These people have the wrong idea and will be turned away.

      6. Freemasonry preaches equality. One of the requirements to join is to be “free born”, that is, to not be under the ownership of somebody else. Many centuries ago, there were a lot of people born into service and they could not be Masons. Some governments don’t enjoy the idea of people meeting together in secret talking about things like “equality” and “freedom”, because it underminds them.

      7. Personally I would agree with you on this one, however you have to understand that it is a “fraternity” and not a “sororiety”, that is, a brotherhood and not a sisterhood. There are women freemasons that are considered regular, they simply are separate from us. There are also lodges for both men and women to attend, so it is evolving. Also, you should realize that we are based on ancient stone masons, and their culture wouldn’t let women become masons because they weren’t able to perform the labor necessary.

      8. Normally when we have special events we invite our wifes, girlfriends, or significant others. Barbeques are considered a family event, so even children are invited.

      9. Freemasons were indeed quite influential, about 200-300 years ago, when it was a lot more secret. Nowadays however, it has become much more open, all the secrets have been revealed and it’s not as popular anymore. We’ve never been satanists, and do not control any governments.

      10. I think there is some level of mysticism, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. However, it is not a requirement of being a Freemason. Freemasonry is open and exploratory you can study as much or as little as you want. Some people are only interested in being social, some just want to do the charities. It depends what you’re interested in. I personally don’t know that much about it yet, because I’m currently focusing on self-improvement.

      11. I’m not a 33rd degree mason, so I’m unaware of anything regarding it. In Freemasonry there are only 3 degrees, the highest being Master Mason. There are also appendant bodies, which are not mandatory to join but interesting to participate in, one of which being the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite has a 33rd degree, but it takes years of service to that particular organization in order to have that degree bestowed upon someone.

      12. As Freemasons, we try not to dwell on conspiracy theories. We remain objective about all things, and support freedom of thought and opinion. It’s up to each individual mason how he feels about certain things. Personally, I don’t even know if the illuminati even exists or not – but even if it did, there’s not really much I can do about it.

      13. The illuminati was a different organization than the Freemasons, set up after and died later on as well. The original doesn’t exist anymore, and the current is simply a nickname given to an organization that may or may not even exist. Freemasonry is many things, a charitable organization, a social club, a fraternity, a brotherhood.. but a group controlling everything? No.

      14. It is true that Freemasonry does share a lot of the same principles of several different idealogy’s that different governments adopt and follow, namely equality. However, Freemasonry puts the responsibility on the individual, rather than the state. As a group, Freemasons cannot and should not take political stances. That is a cardinal rule.

      15. The Masonic symbol reminds us of how we should act, and also reminds us of God. There are a lot of conspiracies about this symbol coming up in different places, however that is purely coincidental. Two trianges intersecting can easily be found in many different places, it does not mean it was put there by Freemasons.

      16. This is something that I’m working on at the moment. In the next few years, we will make a plan to create a Korean speaking lodge. This will require a lot of work and time, but we will try our best to keep any email addresses of Korean speakers that are currently interested so that when the time comes, we can give them the opportunity to join.

      Sorry for the long reply, I hope my answers have met your expectations.
      Please feel free to contact me again.

      • 답변 내용 잘 읽어보았습니다.
        읽어보아도 아직 궁금한 점들을 몇 개 더 적어봅니다.

        17. 프리메이슨리에 기독교인도 가입이 가능하다고 하셨는데 저는 이 점을 의아하게 생각합니다. 저는 성서의 내용을 잘 알지 못하지만 기독교가 독단적인 면이 존재한다는 것은 압니다. 예수의 교리가 그러하다는 것도요. 개신교의 교리는 예수님이 하늘 위에 살아계신 하나님의 유일하신 아들이며, 하나님말고는 어떠한 신도 없다는 것입니다. 여호와를 제외한 나머지 존재들은 그저 인간이거나 잡신에 불구하며, 우상이라는 것입니다. 이것은 기독교의 대표 교리인 십계명에도 잘 나타나있는 바입니다. 최소한 십계명의 1번, 크게는 2번 계명까지 해당되는 것입니다. 일신교를 주장하거나 다신교를 주장하는 것은 각 지방의 롯지들에 달려있는 것이나, 프리메이슨리의 기본적인 원칙 중 하나는 다른 종교의 신(들)을 인정하며 그 신(들)을 믿는 사람들의 신앙을 존중해주는 것인데, 앞서 말씀드린 점들과 고려해볼 때 이 두가지 원칙은 확실히 충돌한다고 보여집니다. 엄밀히 따지면 거기에는 논리적인 오류가 있습니다. 저는 프리메이슨리에 기독교 신자들이 있는 것이 말이 되지 않는다고 생각합니다. 다소 거만해 보일 수 있는 저의 주장이 틀렸다면 확실한 논증을 거쳐 저를 설득시켜주실 수 있습니까?

        18. 프리메이슨리가 비밀 단체인 것은 알겠습니다. 하지만 아직 확실히 모르겠습니다. 지금 이 웹사이트는 보시다시피 공개되어 있습니다. 또 얼마 전 한 커뮤니티 웹사이트에서는 자신이 프리메이슨리의 회원이니 프리메이슨리에 대해 궁금한 점이 있으면 얼마든지 물어보라는 한 젊은 남성의 글을 발견할 수 있었습니다. 물론 그는 규칙에 위배되지 않는 선에서 답변을 하겠다고 미리 언급했습니다. 그런즉 프리메이슨리의 실존은 더욱 더 세상에 알려지고 있으며 비밀주의적인 성격은 점점 퇴색해가고 있습니다. 영국의 한 롯지는 롯지 건물의 내부를 모두에게 공개하고 프리메이슨리에 흥미가 있는 시민들을 여러 차례 초대해 가입 절차와 프리메이슨리의 진정한 정체에 대해 설명하는 행사를 갖는다고 합니다. 과연 프리메이슨리는 비밀 단체가 맞는 걸까요? 비밀 단체인가 아닌가 하는 관점에서 볼 때, 최초로 창설될 당시의 프리메이슨리와 현재의 프리메이슨리가 본질적으로 어떻게 다른지, 또는 어떻게 같은지 궁금합니다. 현재의 프리메이슨리는 기본적으로 비밀 단체이나 실제는 아닌 듯 합니다. 이에 대한 정확한 설명 부탁드립니다.


      • 17. I think it’s pretty clear that any fundamentalist or extremist of a particular religion would denounce the idea of tolerance and respect for other faiths and beliefs. For some people it’s hard to join a society that’s so universal and accepting of conflicting beliefs. What every religion does have, though is the same two rules. Love God and love others. That is a universal concept that we are all able to share. This is why we don’t talk about religion in lodge because we focus on what we have in common. How else are we supposed to come together as men? Yes, there are conflicting beliefs but as Freemasons we respect those beliefs whether or not we agree with them.

        18. The Freemasons originally went public in 1717 with the Grand Lodge of England. They were in existence way before that but so secretive that there aren’t much records. As time went on, it went from being a secret society into more of a fraternity, social club and charitable organization. In North America, they are very similar to the Lions Club and Rotary. The only thing that has remained is the ritual. It used to be more secret because they operated in a time when ideas like universality and free speech were considered treason or heresy. As the world has evolved, becoming more secular and free-thinking – the Freemasons have been able to be more public about their organization.

        Again, thank you for your questions.

      • 아직 프리메이슨이 아닌 사라 says:

        마지막 답변에 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.
        답변을 받은 후 몇 개월이 지났습니다.
        여러가지 이유들 때문에 가입신청을 바로 하지 않을 겁니다.
        그 이유들은 매우 타당합니다.
        그래서 여유를 두고 생활하고 있습니다.
        저는 무엇을 하기 전에, 그것에 대해 충분히 검토하기를 선호합니다.
        그러나 프리메이슨에 대한 관심은 여전합니다.
        추궁하는 질문들은 그만 올리려고 합니다.
        이제는 그다지 의미가 있지 않아 보입니다.
        생각이 다소 복잡했던 이유도 있었습니다.
        무례해보였다면 이해해주실 것이라 믿습니다.
        몇 가지 추가적인 질문들이 떠올랐습니다.
        다시 질문에 응해주신다면 감사의 표시를 드리겠습니다.

        1. 지금 한국어 롯지를 세우는 일이 얼마나 진행되었나요?
        새로운 롯지는 새로운 지역에 새로운 이름으로 세워질 계획인가요?

        2. 프리메이슨 안에서는 종교와 관련된 이야기를 서로 나누지 않는다고 들었습니다.
        그렇다면 지식과 앎의 확장에 있어서 종교는 주된 목표가 될 수 없다는 말입니까?

      • Hi. Thanks for your continued interest! I always do my best to reply to all answers anyone might have.

        1. The plan for a Korean speaking lodge is ongoing and still in its infancy. This requires a lot of prudence, because we can’t just let anyone join. There should be a strict screening process so that Koreans know exactly what we’re about, and more specifically what we’re NOT about. There’s a lot of misinformation on Korean websites and we don’t want people joining for the wrong reasons. The last thing we want is men controlling a lodge for corrupt business purposes and becoming a syndicate. We need members who will be receptive to the teachings of Freemasonry and not abuse the privileges that are given to them. There are translations available for the ceremonies but we also need to organize masons that speak Korean to help out with those ceremonies. Plus there’s the issue of money. Creating a new lodge is expensive, and we don’t want to pay all that money to have it fail. Also there needs to be enough people willing to join. I’m hoping that won’t be a problem. It will take a long time, but something we want to see happen.

        2. The main goal of Freemasonry? That’s something that might be subjective and personal. In general people say we make good men better, or that it’s self improvement for the betterment of society, or that it’s to attain universal brotherhood under a generalized God. Personally, my main goal is to discover who I really am, deep down inside. People join for different reasons, and as long as those reasons are true and noble, you can’t go wrong.

        Again, thanks for the great questions!

      • 아직 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        마지막으로 가장 중요한 한가지만 질문하겠습니다. 매우 정확하고 구체적인 답변 부탁드립니다.
        솔직히 말씀드려서, 이 조건의 충족 여부에 따라서 가입 신청을 할지, 안할지를 결정할 것입니다.
        가장 핵심적인 사항입니다.
        한국어를 영어로 번역하시는데 어려움이 따르겠지만, 제가 다시 질문하지 않았으면 좋겠습니다.

        3. 질문하기에 앞서, 몇가지 정보를 말씀드리겠습니다.
        개신교가 타종교를 바라보는 관점에는 크게 3가지가 있습니다.
        우선 첫번째는 배타주의의 관점입니다. 이것은 다른 종교들에는 죽어서 천국에 갈 수 있는 구원의 역사가 없고, 오직 기독교 하나에만 구원이 존재한다는 입장입니다.
        두번째 태도에는 포괄주의가 있습니다. 구원의 조건은 오직 예수 그리스도를 향한 믿음이니, 개신교가 아닌 천주교나 다른 기독교에서도 구원의 가능성이 있다는 입장입니다. 하지만 더욱 완전하고, 가장 바람직한 길은 개신교라는 견해입니다. 따라서 적어도 예수를 믿지 않는 불교나 힌두교에는 구원이 없다는 것입니다. 세번째는 다원주의입니다. 개신교가 아닌 모든 타종교에도 구원의 가능성이 충분히 있다는 태도입니다. 절대자(신)는 오직 한 분이며, 인류를 구원시키기 위해 이 땅에 많은 성자들을 보내 여러 종교들을 탄생시켰다는 입장입니다. 즉, 길은 많아도 도착점은 하나라는 견해입니다. 이것은 타종교를 대하는 관점을 크게 3가지로, 단순히 분류한 것입니다. 따라서 이 분류가 완벽하게 정확한 것은 아니지만, 대략적으로 이렇게 구분할 수 있다는 뜻입니다.

        한국의 일반적인(대중적인) 개신교는 종교적 포괄주의를 따른다고 들었습니다. 제 생각에도 종교적 배타주의보다는 포괄주의를 내세우는 것이 더 설득력 있어 보입니다.

        질문으로 돌아갑시다.
        저는 프리메이슨의 종교적 입장에 관해 묻고 싶습니다.
        프리메이슨은 기본적으로 종교적인 단체가 아니라고 들었습니다. 즉, 프리메이슨은 공통된 종교적 입장을 취하지 않는다는 것입니다. 그러나 저는 신(들)의 존재를 믿는 사람만 프리메이슨에 가입할 수 있다는 것을 압니다. 다른 종교인들의 믿음과 그들의 종교들을 인정하고 존중하면서요. 바로 여기서 문제가 발생합니다. 다른 종교인들의 믿음과 그들의 종교들의 교리, 더 나아가 다른 신들을 인정하고 존중한다는 것은 구체적으로 어느 정도까지의 인정과 존중을 의미합니까? 아주 정확히 설명해주세요. 이것은 부탁이 아닌, 무례해 보일 수 있는 요구입니다. 위의 세가지 관점들 중에 해당되는 것이 있다면, 어떤 것인지 적어주세요. 프리메이슨은 어떤 특정한, 다른 종교를 믿지 않고 그 종교에 대해서 동의하지 않아도, 프리메이슨에 가입할 수 있다고 답변자분께서 설명하는 것을 들었습니다. 그렇다면 그것은 어떤 특정한, 다른 길을 인정하지 않는다는 뜻이니, 적어도 종교적 다원주의는 아닌 샘입니까? 보편적인 절대자(초월적 존재)의 존재를 믿고, 사람을 사랑하는 것이 프리메이슨의 기초적인 자격이라고 하셨습니다. 도대체 보편적인 절대자의 존재를 믿는다는 것은 어느 정도까지를 뜻하는 것입니까?

      • Wow, you really know your stuff! I’m impressed! This is where it starts getting interesting:

        3. I think it might have been Ben Franklin, a mason who said that there’s two ways to read your bible. Milk for babes and meat for men. Anyone who takes the bible literally and at its word might have issues with being a Freemason, and that’s okay. Freemasonry is not for everyone. I’ve found that the most interesting people I’ve met are Freemasons. They don’t care about material things or being popular, and they have deep insights about the nature of God and our relation to him. Essentially, it takes someone special to fully embrace Freemasonry and everything it has to offer. This is why we try our best to guard our portals against people who have closed hearts and narrow minds. It takes a tolerant attitude and open mind to be able to “read between the lines” of the bible or any other holy book, and it’s when we start to see the similarities rather than the differences that we are able to come together and be more practical and logical about our beliefs. Not everyone can take that step, and again, that’s okay. A good person who believes in one religion but rejects the others will still receive God’s mercy. Everything is at a very personal level which is why there are so many different views and opinions. The only two things that should really shine out are love for God and love for man. Everything else is personal, which is what the real “secret” of Freemasonry is.

      • 아직 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        저는 아무것도 알지 못합니다.
        오히려 쉽게 설명해주신 답변자님께 감사드립니다.

        성경을 문자 그대로 해석하는 사람을 근본주의자(원리주의자)라고 부른다는 것을 저는 압니다. 그들은 무리짓고, 타종교에 대해 반대하며, 종종 여러가지 권력 비리와 폭력을 일삼기도 합니다. 그들은 보통 성경무오설을 주장합니다. 간단히 말해 성경무오오설은 성경을 문자 그대로 해석해야 한다는 태도를 말합니다.

        답변자님께서는 이런 기독교 근본주의자들은 프리메이슨이 될 수 없다고 하셨습니다.

        하지만 저는 기독교 근본주의를 말하는 것이 아닙니다.

        기독교 근본주의자는 다른 종교에 대해 반대합니다.
        이것은 기독교의 배타주의자와 유사한 맥락이 있습니다.
        기독교의 배타주의자도 다른 종교에는 구원이 없다고 하면서, 다른 종교의 믿음을 거절합니다.

        저는 포괄주의적 입장을 지닌 기독교인을 말하는 것입니다.

        기독교의 포괄주의자는 다른 종교에 대해 찬성할 수 있습니다.
        이것은 기독교 근본주의가 아니라는 것을 뜻합니다.
        기독교 포괄주의자는 예수를 믿는 종교에 한해서 몇몇 종교의 믿음의 가능성을 열어놓습니다. 하지만 모든 종교의 믿음에 찬성하는 것은 아닙니다.

        4-1. 음.. 그렇다면, 오직 모든 종교에 대해 찬성하는, 모든 종교의 믿음에 가능성을 열어놓은 사람만이 프리메이슨이 될 수 있다는 것입니까?

        4-2. 4-1번 질문과 같은 내용입니다. 기독교 포괄주의자는 프리메이슨이 될 수 없는 것입니까?

        5. 4-1번과 4-2번이 맞다면, 프리메이슨리는 (종교적) 다원주의입니까?

        6. 부가적인 질문입니다. 신의 존재에 대해 믿기만 하면, 특정한 종교가 없는 사람도 프리메이슨이 될 수 있습니까? (사실은 이것도 중요한 질문입니다.)

        7. 이것은 정말 부가적인 질문입니다. 프리메이슨들 중에서는 다신교를 믿는 사람도 있을텐데, 그렇다면 프리메이슨리에서 생각하는 신은 신들이 되야 하는 것 아닙니까? 다른 종교에 대한 믿음에 찬성하니까요. 프리메이슨들이 생각하는 신은 반드시 복수가 되어야 한다고 생각합니다. (아, 다신교를 제외해도 모든 종교에 대해 찬성하는 입장이니 당연히 복수가 되어야하지 않겠습니까?)

        지금까지 읽어주셔서 고맙습니다.

        저의 모든 의견에 대해 수정과 반대의 의견을 제시할 수 있습니다.

        이것은 단순한 질문이기도 하지만, 저의 입장에서는 제가 프리메이슨에 지원할 수 있는지 판단하는 기준이 될 것이고, 프리메이슨의 입장에서는 한 지원자가 프리메이슨에 지원할 수 있는지 판단하는 기준이 될 것입니다. 이것은 다른 종교에 대한 관점이 어떠하냐는 개념의 문제입니다.

        지속적이고 신속한 답변에 다시 한 번 감사의 말을 전합니다.

      • It’s starting to get a little difficult to translate, but I’ll try my best:

        4. I’m not an expert on the complexities of religion – whether or not Freemasonry accepts a religion or a religion accepts Freemasonry is not for any one person to decide. Or is it? I’m not sure if I can give you a definite answer or not, only my humble opinion. I don’t speak for Freemasonry in general, as it is different from country to country. I don’t believe that religion is in contradiction with Freemasonry and the reverse as well. The only thing I do know for sure is that if you take away all the specifics of religion one truth remains: we are all the same, under God. So why not just get along and love one another? Like I said before, it is a very PERSONAL thing. Every religion provides a moral compass for their faithful, and while each man must wrestle in private about his relationship with God, Freemasonry offers a universal brotherhood composed of men from every race and every creed, founded on the practice of the great moral and social virtues. And that’s why you see on our symbol the letter “G”. It is there to remind us that God is part of each of our lives, and that the “all-seeing eye” of God will take the true measurement of our actions. It’s up to each man to decide for himself if Freemasonry is for himself or not. The only requirement is belief in a supreme being.

        5. Let me refer you to a very prominent author and philosopher, Manly P. Hall:

        “The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth. All true Masons know that they only are heathen who, having great ideals, do not live up to them. They know that all religions are but one story told in divers ways for peoples whose ideals differ but whose great purpose is in harmony with Masonic ideals. North, east, south and west stretch the diversities of human thought, and while the ideals of man apparently differ, when all is said and the crystallization of form with its false concepts is swept away, one basic truth remains: all existing things are Temple Builders, laboring for a single end. No true Mason can be narrow, for his Lodge is the divine expression of all broadness. There is no place for little minds in a great work.”

        6. You do not need to presribe to any particular religion to be a Freemason, just a belief in a Supreme Being is sufficient. However it does depend on what country and jurisdiction you’re from. Some lodges are Christian only but the majority are open to others. There is the matter of the “volume of the sacred law”, which is a holy book we put in the center of the lodge on an altar. For christians it’s the bible, for jews the torah, for muslims the koran, and buddhists the teachings thereof. These are the books masons take their oaths on, so it should be something they personally believe in so the oath will be considered binding. That’s why in so many lodges you will see more than one book on the altar. Another famous masonic author believed in the supreme being of physics and science, so his book was a physics textbook. If they have no religion, they are simply asked if they would be comfortable using the main book of that particular lodge.

        7. Most people that join Freemasonry usually only believe in one God. There are, however, a lot of Freemasons that come from religions where there is more than one God (Hinduism, Mormonism, etc). Also, it depends on what part of the world you are in. Some lodges will only let monotheists join, while others are more liberal. The idea that there is more than one God does not necessarily rule out that one of those gods is “the supreme being”.

        Thanks again for the questions, I really hope my answers are satisfactory.

      • 아직 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        종교라는 것은 기본적으로 독단적인 측면을 내재하고 있고, 다른 종교들에 대해서 배타성을 가지기 마련인데, 그렇게 생각하지 않는 사람들이 많이 있어서, 그것을 새롭고, 더 뛰어난 입장으로 보아야할지, 종교의 일반적인 성격을 벗어난, 이해할 수 없는 입장으로 보아야할지, 저로서는 난감한 입장입니다. 빨리 궁금증이 해결됬으면 좋겠습니다.

      • I’m a Christian and I follow the teachings of Jesus. I can embrace any religion I want but I choose Christianity because that’s what was given to me by my parents and I want to carry on that tradition and honor them and my homeland.

        The most important thing you need to realize is that Freemasonry is NOT a religion, but merely a compliment thereof. Freemasonry offers no salvation, nor is it designed to make bad man good. You have to be a good man who believes in God in the first place in order to become a Freemason.

      • 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        우선 답변자님의 성의있는 질문에 저도 감동했습니다.
        그렇기에 저는 제가 궁금한 것들에 대해서 잘 알게 되었습니다.

        제가 볼 때 프리메이슨은 종교적 다원주의의 태도를 취하고 있는 것 같습니다.
        모든 것을 다 배제하고, 처음으로 돌아가봅시다.

        프리메이슨은 절대자의 존재를 믿어야 하고, 사람을 사랑해야 한다고 하셨습니다.
        그것은 프리메이슨의 가장 중요한, 기본적인 원칙입니다.
        또 절대자를 믿는 프리메이슨 내의 모든 종교인들은 서로 존중해주는 관계여야 한다고 말씀하셨습니다.

        다른 곳이 아닌 바로 여기에서 핵심을 찾을 수 있었습니다.
        시작점에서 문제의 발생이 일어나는 것이죠.

        예를 들어봅시다.
        절대자를 믿는 불교 신자가 프리메이슨입니다.
        또 다른 절대자를 믿는 기독교 신자가 프리메이슨입니다.
        그 외에 힌두교나 이슬람교 등 수 많은 종교들이 있을 것입니다.
        여기서 저희가 주목해야할 점은 이들은 절대자의 존재자를 믿는다는 것입니다.
        또한 서로를 존중한다는 것입니다.

        존중한다는 것은 무엇일까요?
        상대방의 절대자를 향한 믿음을 존중한다는 것입니다.
        상대방이 믿는 절대자는 존재하며, 그 사람의 믿음도 의미가 있는 것이라고요.
        그리고 그것은 나에게도 적용됩니다. 똑같은 문장의 반복입니다.
        서로가 믿는 절대자가 존재한다…
        그것은 불교 신자는 불교로서 절대자를 믿으며,
        기독교 신자는 기독교로서 절대자를 믿는다는 말입니다.
        결국 불교 신자가 믿는 절대자나 기독교 신자가 믿는 절대자는 동일하다는 의미가 됩니다.
        종교만 다르지 믿는 존재는 같다는 말이 됩니다.
        하나의 절대자가 존재하고 수 많은 종교가 존재한다는 것은,
        곧 길은 여러개요, 도착점은 하나라는 뜻이 됩니다.
        이것은 곧 종교적 다원주의의 원리로 귀결됩니다.

        하나의 절대자가 수 많은 성인들을 지구에 보내, 인류의 구원을 위해 수 많은 종교들을 탄생시켜, 최종적으로 자신과 만나게끔 한다는 말입니다.

        프리메이슨은 하나의 종교단체가 아니다?
        당연히 프리메이슨은 종교단체가 아닙니다.
        수 많은 종교들을 가진 수 많은 종교인들의 모임이지요.
        저는 그 점을 이해했습니다.

        종교적 다원주의자는 다른 종교를 존중하지만, 믿지는 않는다?
        당연하지요. 종교적 다원주의자도 자신만의 종교를 가진채, 다른 종교에 대해 존중하는 것입니다. 이것은 제가 착각한 내용이었습니다.

        프리메이슨의 롯지들은 서로 규칙이 다르다 하더라도
        들어가기에 문제가 있는 롯지가 하나라도 있다면, 저는 프리메이슨이 되기를 꺼려할 것입니다.
        프리메이슨은 수 많은 롯지들의 연합입니다.
        따라서 그 성격과 힘을 공유할 것이기 때문입니다.

        저는 기독교 근본주의자가 아닙니다.
        종교적 배타주의자는 근본주의자가 될 수 있습니다.
        저는 다원주의자가 아니기에 프리메이슨이 될 수 없습니다.
        그렇다면 저는 무엇일까요?
        저는 포괄주의자입니다.
        배타주의자도 아닌, 다원주의자도 아닌 포괄주의자입니다.
        따라서 근본주의자도 아니며, 프리메이슨도 될 수 없는 일반적이고 정상적인 기독교 신자입니다.
        보통의 기독교 신자라면, 프리메이슨에 가입해서는 안 될 것입니다.
        한국 정식 기독교 교단들에서도 이 다원주의에 대해서 심각히 고민하고, 경계의 입장을 취하고 있다는 사실을 아십니까?
        다원주의는 근본주의의 개선책이 아닌, 근절되어야 할 이단으로 현재 정식 교회들은 바라보고 있습니다. 저의 입장 또한 마찬가지입니다.
        이것은 개인 관점의 차이로 설명할 수 있겠지만, 단순히 그런 문제로 치부되어선 안 되는 아주 중대한 문제 중 하나입니다.

        저는 성경을 젖 먹듯이, 문자 그대로 해석하지 않습니다.
        다시 말해서 저는 근본주의자가 아닙니다.

        성경이 말하는 진짜 뜻, 진정한 의미를 파악하기 위해 노력합니다.
        성경은 분명히 말합니다.
        이단뿐만아니라 다른 종교도 결국은 적 그리스도일 뿐입니다.
        이것은 보수적인 견해도 아닙니다.
        성경을 아주 지극히 정상적으로 해석한 결과입니다.

        결과적으로 저는 프리메이슨 내에 있는 기독교인들은 다원주의자들이라고 규정할 수 밖에 없습니다. 정상적인 기독교인들이라면 프리메이슨과 기독교간의 논리적 차이를 빨리 깨닫고 탈퇴하기를 권고합니다.

        다른 종교의 신을 절대자로 인정하는 것은 예수와 부처가 하나라고 생각하는 것입니다. 예수 이외의 구원자는 없습니다. 예수 이외에는 구원과 생명이 없습니다. 보통의 기독교의 관점에서, 부처는 한 명의 인간이요, 우상일 뿐입니다. 빨리 깨어나셔야 합니다. 이만 저의 주장을 줄이겠습니다. 이것이 개인차라면 개인차인 것입니다. 더 이상의 주장은 저도 할 수 없습니다.

        좀 더 정확히 알고자 했던 저의 열정으로 봐주십시오.
        저는 이런 논점들에 대해, 평소에도 열정적입니다.(저는 착한 사람입니다.)

      • Good points! The beauty of Freemasonry is that it is subjective and therefore different for everyone else. I don’t enjoy generalizing and using labels like “pluralisim”, etc. For some men it is “pluralism”, and for others it is not. This is the universality that I mentioned before. Anyone who is a Christian Freemason that doesn’t believe in Buddhism or Islam can meet other masons that are Buddhists or Muslims and be able to call them “brother” even if they are in disagreement. There are several fundamental Christians that are also Freemasons. Freemasonry teaches things like respect, dignity, reverance and tolerance but doesn’t attempt to change your religious views. That is the main reason why this fraternity has survived for hundreds of years. Again, it comes down to the PERSONAL level. The only interfering Freemasonry should do in your life is to make you a better man. It is not something that can be generalized or labeled so easily. Everyone has their own savior, thus everyone has their own Freemasonry. It can compliment whatever you believe in. That is the real beauty of Freemasonry.

      • 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        프리메이슨이 되고 싶었는데 아쉽습니다.
        프리메이슨은 분명히 매력적인 단체입니다.
        그러나 놓친 점이 있다면 그것을 놓치지 말았으면 합니다.

        솔직히 저는 답변자분과 대화하면서 즐거웠습니다.
        오랜만에 열띤 토론이 가능했습니다.

        앞으로도 많은 사회 봉사와, 구제, 자선활동, 그리고 자아의 발전이 이루어지기를 바랍니다.

        무례했다면 죄송하다는 말씀드립니다.

        프리메이슨은 최종적으로는 저와 맞지 않는 단체입니다.
        왜냐하면 다시 말해 다원주의의 입장을 취하기 때문입니다.

        지금까지 즐거웠습니다.
        그럼 이만..

      • Freemasonry is designed to be universal, but not everyone can receive it so easily. Personally I tell everyone that I am Christian and not a pluralist. I don’t believe in any other religion, I am a Christian plain and simple. I might not agree with some of the other religions that my Freemason brothers subscribe to, but we are still brothers who can respect each other and help build better communities. Individuals such as you and me can take positions on religion. Freemasonry has no position whatsoever, in fact Freemasons lodges are restricted from taking stances and positions on such religious topics. What I tell you might be completely different from what another Freemason tells you (again, because it is personal). So I respectfully disagree with you when you say that we are pluralists. Freemasonry is specifically designed NOT to interfer with your religion or your beliefs, but rather compliment those things.

      • 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        아주 쉽게 생각해봅시다.
        십계명 1번을 참조하면 어떨까요?

        “너는 내 앞에 다른 신들을 두지 말라.” – 출애굽기 20장 3절

      • Yup. Whole-heartedly agree. I put no other god before the one I believe in. My Freemasonry is about my God and My truth. However it can be different for somebody else if they believe differently. That is the universality of it all.

      • Not Freemason says:

        Did you delete my writing?

        I don’t understand.

        But that’s okay.

        I don’t care anyway.

        In other words, Freemasonry seems to pose of pluralism things like that.

        Also, it’s a stance against orthodox, popular sects of South Korea.

        Yes, therefore it’s a stance against my religious viewpoint unfortunately.

        So, I can’t be a Freemason.

        it’s a conclusion.

        Thanks, then.

        and I am really appreciated your kind replies.

      • Sorry about that! The way this system is setup is that I have to approve the comments before they show up. I’m trying to figure out how to change that. It was the weekend so I wasn’t using the computer. Thanks for your continued interest and see my other replies in answer to your statement.

      • 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        아, Websites를 관리중이군요.
        숫자를 붙이면 왠지 냉정하게 보이는 것 같습니다.
        하지만 붙이겠습니다.

        8. 프리메이슨은 자신이 믿는 신 이외에 다른 신을 믿지 않는 사람이 많다. 프리메이슨들은 개인의 믿음을 간섭하지 않고, 오히려 칭찬한다고 했습니다. 그러나 저는 이것에 반론을 제기합니다. 어떤 사람이 다원주의자라고 할지라도, 그 사람이 다른 종교를 믿는다는 보장은 할 수 없습니다. 정확히 말하자면, 자신의 종교만 가진 사람도 다원주의자가 될 수 있습니다. 바로 다원주의자는 답변자님이 말씀하신대로 개인의 믿음에 간섭하지 않고 오히려 칭찬하는 사람이 다원주의자라고 생각합니다. 다른 것이 다원주의자인 것이 아닙니다. 답변자님은 이것에 대해서 어떻게 생각하십니까?

        9. In Freemasonry, 다원주의자인 사람들과 다원주의자가 아닌(오히려 근본주의자도 포함한다.) 사람들이 공존한다고 하셨습니다. 그렇다면 이것에 대한, 즉 다원주의와 관련된 특별한 법이 따로 없는 것입니까? 우선, 그런 구체적인 규칙이 없는 것이 실망스럽습니다. 범세계적인 조직이라서 그런건가요? 솔직히 좀 이해가 되지 않습니다. 프리메이슨이 종교적인 입장을 취하지 않기 때문에 그런 것입니까? 비관적으로 보일 수 있는 저의 입장에서는 이런 프리메이슨의 모습이 아름답다고 생각하지 않습니다. 오히려 산만하고 불분명해 보입니다.(더구나 여러 종교들이 산재하는 상황에서.) 그리고 프리메이슨은 서로가 어떤 사람이건 상관없이 서로를 존중하는 것이 가장 기본적인 원칙 아닙니까? 그것은 바로 다원주의자들과 다원주의를 반대하는 사람들, 다원주의를 주장하는 Lodges와 다원주의에 반대하는 Lodges의 연합을 뜻하는 것이므로, 전체적인 프리메이슨에 대해서, 다시 말해서 모든 Lodges에 대해, 가장 정확히 말해서 United Lodges에 대해 좋은 평가를 내릴 수 없습니다. (다원주의를 표방하는 Lodge나 다원주의에 반대하는 Lodge가 있긴 있습니까?)

        검열이 선행되는 Website보다는, 좀 더 민주적인 Website가 될 것이라 믿습니다.

      • 8. Again, there is no specific definition of God and religion within Freemasonry itself. It’s not that Freemasons only believe in their own religion but not others, however that could be the case. Everyone is free to believe in whatever they want, be they liberal, fundamental, pluralist.. that doesn’t really matter. Tolerance and respect are not the same as embracing others belief systems.

        9. The only rule within being a Freemason is that one “must believe in a Supreme Being.” That’s the only rule regarding faith. I’ve met masons who don’t subscribe to any religion whatsoever yet still believe in some kind of higher power, whether it be supernatural or scientific. A lot of men enjoy Freemasonry because they don’t have to worry about the headache of heated religious debates where feelings are hurt. We choose to be above such distasteful arguments. That doesn’t mean we can disagree and have healthy debates, of course we can. We just learn to be repspectful and tolerant about everything. Freemasons believe in one Supreme Being, plain and simple. We don’t take any religious stances farther than that in general. There are a few lodges in the world that subscribe to only one religion, but the majority of them are open to any faith. We don’t practice pluralism if that’s what you’re wondering about, rather we just generalize every man’s personal concept of God.

        Here’s another good quote:

        “Freemasonry is a cohesive body of philosophical thought that recognizes a generalized God concept but rejects a specific definition of God and faith. It emphasizes tolerance, respect for many religious traditions, and diversity of belief. It focuses on morality, progress, personal development, intellectual enlightenment, and communitarian values, but not on a specific religious belief. The Freemasons draw inspiration from the wisdom of the ages and from thinkers and writings from many cultures, both sacred and secular.”

      • 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        10. 모든 것을 잊고 생각해봅시다. 아주 간단하게 말해서, 프리메이슨들은 다른 프리메이슨들의 종교를 믿지 않습니다. 하지만 그들의 믿음을 존중합니다. 이 존중은 어느 정도의 존중을 의미하는 것입니까? 이 존중은 어느 범위까지의 존중을 의미하는 것입니까? 구체적으로 이야기해봅시다. 이것은 가장 궁금했으나, 가장 알기에 요원했던 궁금증입니다. 아주 기본적이고 이성적인 측면에서의 존재에 대한 인정입니까?(그것이 존재한다는 것에 대한 인정) 아니면 현대 사회 안에서의 공존에 대한 인정입니까?(이것이 맞다고 해도, 저는 솔직히 이것이 무엇인지 정확히 모르겠습니다. 이것이 맞다면, 구체적으로 설명해주세요.) 그게 아니면 다른 종교들에 대한 믿음(구원)의 가능성을 열어 놓은 정도의 인정입니까? 또 그게 아니면 다른 종교들을 직접적으로 믿는 정도의 인정입니까?(이것은 해결된 궁금증이지만, 글의 설명을 돕기 위해 쓰여졌습니다.) 도대체 존중이란 무엇입니까? 다른 사람들을 존중한다는 것은 어느 정도의 존중을 말하는 것입니까? 저는 그것이 궁금합니다.

      • 10. Freemasonry is probably one of the earliest forms of tolerance, freedom of religion and respect for the opinions of others within society. Mutual tolerance and respect have always been key aspects in Freemasonry’s system of morality. As it is an international order, a brother can go into any regular lodge in the world where beliefs and backgrounds differ and share in the peace and harmony that prevails. In this way, trust and brotherly love begin with respect.

        As our members are drawn from every race and from every creed, we commit ourselves to respect one another and work together to achieve common goals. We are even able to become good friends with those who have opposing opinions from us, because we never demand them to conform to our personal beliefs. The only beliefs we don’t condone are those that include intolerance, tyranny and lack of respect. Rather, we promote things that are common, good and true, and accept differences of opinion in all things, including religion and politics. No matter what we believe, we all meet upon the level.

        Our ritual teaches us that it’s the “internal and not the external qualities that recommend a man to Freemasonry”. That’s because sometimes we may be the same on the outside, but it’s inside that makes us who we are and gives us a nature unique to ourselves. That in itself gives us the right to respect and dignity. In a free society this is essential, as it is that which the rights of humans rest on. We can survive on basic needs, but in order to thrive we need to be able to satisfy our curiosity and spirit. Freemasonry allows for this freedom of growth.

        We are all members of the same human family, under the fatherhood of the Deity. Therefore, as brothers and sisters, we need that entitlement and consideration for our thoughts and feelings. That “temple not built with hands” is a universal theme among humans, and when we see it not only in ourselves but also in others, human dignity becomes not only essential but natural as well.

        To give someone the dignity they deserve we need to recognize their freedom to choose their values as they see fit, and also to recognize those values which we have in common that transcend the material world. This lesson is critical if we are to evolve as Freemasons.

      • 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        질의응답이 길어지는 이유에는 해석상의 문제와 이해의 차이에 있다고 생각합니다.

        11. 특정한 종교만 인정하는 롯지도 있습니까? 예를 들어 몰몬교인만 가입이 가능한 롯지라던지요. 만약에 그런 롯지가 있다면, 그것은 어떻게 받아들여야 할까요? (몰몬교인이 대다수인 롯지를 말하는 것이 아닙니다. 몰몬교인만 가입이 가능한 롯지를 말하는 것입니다. 저는 단지 예를 들었습니다.)

      • 11. The only two examples I know of is that in some Northern European countries you must be a Christian, and in the Southern United States although you may not have to be a Christian to join, the lodges are very Christian oriented. There was actually a Grand Lodge in Utah that banned Mormons right up until 1984, but now they freely accept them as well.

      • 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        답변이 길어도 나쁘지는 않은 것 같습니다. 😀

      • 아직 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        읽고 잘 이해했습니다. 그러나 마지막으로 제게는 생각할 시간이 더 필요합니다. 어쩌면 성장의 과정인지도 모르겠죠. 혹시 프리메이슨과 관련되지 않은 철학적이지만 외적인 질문이 가능합니까? 그것은 의외로 간단합니다.

      • 아직 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:

        단지 저는 인생은 운명적인 것인지 개척하는 것인지를 묻고 싶었습니다. 요즘은 그게 궁금하더라고요. 당신의 생각이 궁금했습니다. 어쨋든 지금까지 답변하시느라 수고하셨습니다. 최종적으로는 저 혼자서 고민아닌 고민을 더 해봐야 할 것 같습니다. 아직 저는 부족한 점들이 많고, 알아야 할 것들도 많기 때문입니다. 이제는 정말 안녕히계세요. 🙂

      • I don’t claim to know everything, and neither do I claim to be right. I’m only human myself, and I have many shortcomings that I need to work on. Self-improvement is something that I focus on daily, not only for myself, but for those around me as well. Take care.

      • 아직 프리메이슨이 아닌 사람 says:


      • Insider432 says:

        What you say is not entirely true Sir…The secrets of freemasonry are NOT all over the internet…What you find on the internet is either wrong or merely low level knowledge. First of all, Freemasonry is the brotherhood of SATURN…The masonic compass and square IS the Seal of Saturn…The very term “freemason” translates to Children of the Light or Children of SATURN…Saturn is considered the god of this world in occult circles…those are the basics and there are many degrees above the 3rd degree…If you want “true” knowledge of the Seal of Solomon aka The Seal of Saturn aka the Hexagram, let me know and i might share it here openly for everyone to see.

      • Well, I suppose there are different interpretations to what is meant by “secrets”. A lot of official stances state that the only Masonic secrets are modes of recognition, whereby one mason may know another (signals, handshakes, passwords). In that sense, all of the mainstream ones are out there.

        Historically, stonemasons protected the secrets of their trade so that only qualified, skilled workers were employed. They also developed passwords and signs so that members could travel to other guilds, even without knowing anyone. Those traditions are still practiced by today’s Freemasons. The idea of keeping a handshake or a password a secret is to prove trustworthiness and honor.

        I do agree that there is a lot of wrong information out there on the internet. But personally, I think the true secret of Freemasonry is something a lot deeper – discovering who you are.

        A candidate is charged to look at himself through self-reflection and contemplation. That’s not something that can be done on a public platform. True secrecy consists of things like intimacy, emotions, aspirations and private opinions between brothers who have grown closer through the support and strength that Freemasonry imparts. Many different kinds of men are able to call each other Brother. Some of them truly do become like brothers, forming lifelong friendships through trust, sharing trials and tribulations, accepting one another and making, sharing and keeping secrets all the while. That’s life. That’s the secrecy of Freemasonry.

        As for Saturn, I’ll have to get back to you on that one. One of my friends who is a Past Master knows a lot more about things like esoterica and astronomy than I do. I’ll have to remember to ask him next time I see him. I’m still in the first degree of my life, so for now I’m focusing just on being a good person – I’ll have time to study later after I become the master of the lodge.

        Thanks for the comment.

  5. Lee. says:

    Hello, It sounds a little bit rude, but I’m really interested in joining.
    I really like the beliefs of Masons, and think it;s good to follow for whole my life.
    I live in Busan, and I’ve heard that there is a lodge in Busan.
    I want to know how to join, and what should I do for it.

    please, contact me in E-mail.
    Thank you.

  6. han says:

    supremebeing?? bullshit!!

  7. . says:

    I’m adult lady. but i wanna join Freemason. What should I do?

    • There are groups out there that have women Freemasons, but just as a warning they are considered irregular by the rest of the masonic world (the only half-exception to this would be the women’s freemasons in England, they are considered regular but are still separate).

      There are, however, recognized masonic groups out there for women that are masonic in origin:

      Order of the Eastern Star
      Rainbow Girls
      Job’s Daughters
      Daughters of the Nile

      It really all depends on what’s available where you live.

  8. Vivek Kalyan says:

    Dear Brethren,

    Fraternal Greetings! I’m a freemason from India and member of Lodge Sincerity No. 362 under the Grand Lodge of India. I will be traveling to Korea on 25th Of September till 29th and was really keen on meeting fellow brethren there. Awaiting response.

    Best Regards

    Vivek Kalyan

  9. anonymous says:

    Hello, I am a religious man, willing to join the Freemasonic movement. If I am admitted and progress to master mason in the blue lodge, its it a choice or a privilege to advance further into the Scotish or york rite?

    • Depends where you live. In some places the York or Scottish Rites are by invitation only, in other places they allow any Master Mason to join. But personally, I think it’s both a choice and a privilege to be a member of any Masonic order. If someone invites you to join a rite, you have to option to decline. Everything in Freemasonry is of our own free will and accord. At the same time, the knowledge and experience one can gain from any of the appendant bodies is something not to be taken for granted – it doesn’t matter how you got there, just appreciate that you’re there and that you can share in the wisdom that is offered.

  10. ljs says:


  11. Should I contact lodge if I want to join this organization?

  12. Rodrigo A. Joven says:

    Yes my brother!

  13. ljs says:

    바뀐다면 메일좀 주세요^^ 기다리겠습니다.

  14. lee jung hoon says:


  15. lee jung hoon says:

    영어를 구사할줄합니다 직업은 public prosecutor 이며 부산에거주합니다 프리메이슨에 관심이많고 옹호하는편이라 가입여부를 고민하고있습니다 가입절차를 정확하게 알려주십시요

  16. 이정훈 says:

    프리메이슨을 통해서 좋은 대인관계를 형성하는것을 배우며 관대함,존중,인내 를 배우며 빠르게 흘러가는 시간안에 자기발전과 프리메이슨 회원분들과 같이 발전하고 싶은 마음이 있기때문입니다 그리고 프리메이슨은 나 자신의 목표를 명확하게 보일 수 있도록 도와주는 빛과같은 역할을 해줄것이라고 생각하기때문입니다

  17. YoungJin JANG says:

    가입하길 원합니다.

  18. Ma says:

    Can I join one of the lodges in seoul even if I only visit Korea during summer?

  19. WOOSUNG JUNG says:

    I am Korean pupil in a British school called ‘Charterhouse’, and I am interested in joining Freemason.

  20. one pii says:

    한국 프리메이슨은 김바울 선교사님께 가입권유를 한적이있습니까?
    물론 프리메이슨 가입 특성상 자신의 의지로 가입을한다는것이라고 들은것은 맞으나
    김바울 선교사님께서는 자신이 로마 가톨릭 프리메이슨으로 부터 선택받았고
    프리메이슨은 자신에게 마인드컨트롤은 시전했다고 말씀하셨습니다
    사실입니까?아니면 거짓에 불과합니까?

  21. Francis K says:

    Hello. I’m curious about joining the Freemasonry.
    The problem is I’m highschool student and don’t know
    exactly about this.
    I want to know that is there any possible youth lodge that I can join and in the formal korean lodge above, at the meeting, they do ceremony?
    Finally is fraternity is one of Freemasonry?
    I wish I didn’t bother you.

  22. IWE says:

    프리메이슨 일루미나티 음모는 믿지않습니다 물론 중세시대라면 다르겠지만요..
    그건그렇고 프리메이슨 회원으로 스컬앤본즈와 보헤미안그로브 빌더버그 그룹은 어떻게 생각하시나요? 음모론의 대상자인 프리메이슨의 견해를 듣고싶습니다 스컬앤본즈도 음모론의 대상이니말이죠

    • Freemasonry does have “secrets”, although they’re not really secret at all since anyone can look them up on the internet. As for the rest..

      The Skull and Bones is a college frat for undergraduates.
      The Bilderberg group is a think tank for famous people.
      The Bohemian Grove is a retreat for rich old men.

      Unfortunately since these groups are so private in nature it leads some people to believe they have something to hide, jumping to the conclusion that they are so called Illuminati.

      I used to believe in it. All of it. I almost went crazy to be honest. Perhaps there is an element of truth in some conspiracy theories, but those intelligent and logical enough to see what is fact and what is obviously fiction without definitive proof will realize that all of it is simply just what it’s referred to – “theories”.

  23. kim sung hoon says:

    프리메이슨 회비는 어떻게되나요?

  24. 궁금한 자 says:


    1. 어느 곳에서는 여자도 프리메이슨에 가입할 수 있는것으로 알고있습니다.
    한국에서 여자도 가입을 할 수 있나요?
    또 일본,중국 등 이 나라에서는 여자도 가입이 가능한가요?
    2. 프리메이슨에 들어가려면 추천을 꼭 받아야하나요? 또한 부모님이 꼭 프리메이슨 이여야 하나요?
    3. 가입을 위해 절대자의 존재를 믿는것 외 무엇이 필요한가요?

    가능한 빠른 답변을 원합니다.

    • 부산 프리메이슨 says:

      여자는 프리메이슨에 가입할수없습니다 간혹있긴하나 그들은 정식 프리메이슨이 아닙니다 프리메이슨은 자신스스로의 의지로들어가야하나 이미 프리메이슨인사람과
      접촉을 해야 들어갈수있습니다 그리고 프리메이슨은 자신의 아버지가 프리메이슨일 경우 19세에 가입가능하며 시민이라면 23살 이상 이면 가입가능합니다 그리고
      도덕적문제가 없어야하며 자신의 가족을 풍요롭게 먹여살릴 정도의 경제적
      능력이 있어야합니다 마지막으로 프리메이슨은 종교가아닙니다 오해를 하고계시는것같은데
      프리메이슨에 들어가기 위해 가장중요한 요소는 자신이 믿는 종교가있어야한다는
      것입니다 기독교,천주교,불교,이슬람교…프리메이슨은 모든 종교를 인정하며
      서로를 이해하는 형제애를 중요시합니다
      이 홈페이지 관리자는 아니지만 빠른답변을 원하셔서
      프리메이슨 회원으로서 말씀드립니다

    • 1. There are women Freemasons. However, none of the lodges in Korea accept women at this time. This is the same in Japan. Except for Hong Kong and Taiwan, Freemasonry is banned in Communist China.
      2. Normally you would just get to know a Freemason in order to be recommended. The lodges in Korea welcome guests to learn more about Freemasonry and to get to know some of the members who can then recommend you.
      3. Other than believing in a Supreme Being, you also need to have a good moral character and no criminal record.

  25. kim sung hoon says:

    Freemasonry is should pay money every year? How much is so…

    • That depends on the lodge! Every lodge determines the amount of annual dues that the members should pay. This money goes towards things like maintenance, regalia, Grand Lodge, administration, etc.

  26. Tesla Moon says:

    난 이곳의 글을 보고 프리메이슨이 생각보다 나쁘지 않은 곳임을 알게 된 사람입니다,
    난 아직 청소년 즉 18세입니다. 나의 부모님중엔 프리메이슨이 없습니다.
    하지만 난 이 조직의 목적과 목표를 보고 충분히 반했습니다,
    이곳의 정신중에는 자유가 있습니다, 왜 이 사이트에는 나이의 제한이 있는가요?
    충분히 장담할수 있습니다, 저의 정신은 23세 아니면 21세 가입기준의 충족된 정신만큼 높다는 것을.

    • In Western culture, the age of 21 is when you’re considered an adult. There are some places where you can be a Freemason when you’re 18 years old, though only if you’ve had a prior connection to Freemasonry (father is a mason or member of a youth organization).

  27. mvp says:

    세계를 움직이는 비밀조직은 있을 수 밖에없지 않나요? 서로의 이익을 위해

    • Freemasonry is no secret. Maybe 300 years ago it was but not anymore. It’s true that there are certain modes of recognition whereby one mason may know another. But those can easily be looked up on the internet. Keeping the secret in itself is simply an act of trust and fidelity. It’s through that trust that we are able to help each other.

  28. 안녕하세요 저는 평소 프리메이슨에 관해 관심이 많은 한20대 청년중 한명입니다.
    제가 처음 프리메이슨을 알게된건 아주오래전 제가 중,고등학생 시절에 우연히 마트에서 읽은 책의 내용중에 프리메이슨이란 단어가 나와서 그뜻이 궁금해 인터넷에 알아보는 과정을 통해 프리메이슨리에 대해 알게되었습니다. 프리메이슨에 대해 나름 궁금한게 많은데 일단 몇가지만 물어보겠습니다.
    1.프리메이슨에 가입할려면 그나라법으로 만20세 이상의 성인이여야하고 일정한 능력의 금액으로 돈을 벌고있고 재산이 있어야하며 신의 존재를 믿어야 하며..
    2.가족을 가져야한다? 그렇게 알고있는데 이게 프리메이슨에 가입할때 기본적으로 갖추어야 되는 것들인가요?
    3.그리고 꼭 결혼이나 그런걸 해서 가족을 꾸려야 하나요? 독신인 남성은 가입을 못하는 건가요?
    4.그리고 프리메이슨에 가입할려면 먼저 프리메이슨 회원으로 부터 선택되어야 한다던대
    어떻게 하면 프리메이슨에 선택될 수 있는가요?
    5.그리고 프리메이슨에 가입할려면 당연히 영어는 기본으로 사용할줄 알아야 되는건가요?
    6.그리고 구글등에 검색하면 나오는 프리메이슨이 사용하는 암호(Freemason Cipher)는 정말로 프리메이슨이 사용하는 암호인가요? 댄브라운의 소설 로스트 심벌에도 등장하는 돼지 우리 암호(Pigpen-cipher)말이에요 정말 프리메이슨단에서 사용하는건가요?
    7.그리고 프리메이슨에서 말하는 ALL-SEEING-EYE는 사람 뇌의 송과체라는 기관이 활성화되어 흔히 종교계에서 일컫는 제3의 눈 영안이 생긴것을 의미한다던대 사실인가요?
    8.그리고 그런 ALL-SEEING-EYE는 호루스나, 오시리스와 같은 고대신들과 태양신을 의미한다는대 이부분도 사실인지…
    9.프리메이슨의 비밀적 가르침들은 오컬트나,카발라와 같은 신비주의같은것을 다루는 건가요? 중세 마법이나 연금술의 상징같은…
    10.마지막으로 프리메이슨 계급의 최고자리에 있는건 누구죠? 일루미나티(illuminati)인가요?
    제가 알기론 33도가 최고 계급인거 같은데 33계급의 프리메이슨 회원중에서도 서로 회의를해서 더높은 자리에 오를수도 있다고 인터넷이나 책으로 접한적이 있는데 사실인가요?
    11.그리고 프리메이슨은 일루미나티와 연간성이 있나요? 어떤관계이죠?

    • Hi there. Thank you for your interest. I will try my best to answer your questions:

      1. In order to join you must be at least 21 years old (western age). That means if you were to join today (March 14th), then you should have been born on or before 14 March 1993. Freemasonry requires members to be able to meet their financial commitments to their family first before contributing to the fraternity. It also requires members to believe in a supreme being, but it doesn’t go farther than that. The nature of that being is determined by the candidate.

      2. You don’t need to have a family to be a mason. I’ve been a mason for 9 years now and admittedly I’ve been single most of that time.

      3. Members are encouraged to bring their spouses and families to special events designed for non-masons of all ages.

      4. It depends on the lodge you are trying to join, but in general there’s an application, interview, and the members vote for you to be initiated.

      5. Unfortunately the lodges operating in Korea conduct all their meetings in English. This is something that will hopefully change in the not too far future. I would like to see a Korean speaking lodge in Seoul, as well as a Grand Lodge of Korea someday.

      6. The origin of the pig pen cipher is actually unknown, but we do know that it was used by the Freemasons and Rosicrucians in the 18th century. And yes, although not as frequently, it is still used today albeit in more subtle ways.

      7. The Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) is a symbol showing an eye often surrounded by rays of light or a glory and usually enclosed by a triangle. It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God watching over humankind (or divine providence). In Medieval and Renaissance European iconography, the Eye (often with the addition of an enclosing triangle) was an explicit image of the Christian Trinity. Seventeenth-century depictions of the Eye of Providence sometimes show it surrounded by clouds or sunbursts.

      8. Many religions have used the image of an eye in their religious symbolism. One of the earliest known examples (from Egyptian mythology) is the Eye of Horus. However, the association of an eye with the concept of Divine Providence did not emerge until the Christian era.

      9. If you dig deep enough into the esoteric side of Freemasonry yes, you will find elements of mysticism, kabbalah, and alchemy. However, a lot of Freemasons simply stick to the basics and are unaware of these advanced teachings.

      10. I’m not a 33rd degree mason, so I’m unaware of anything regarding it. In Freemasonry there are only 3 degrees, the highest being Master Mason. There are also appendant bodies, which are not mandatory to join but interesting to participate in, one of which being the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite has a 33rd degree, but it takes years of service to that particular organization in order to have that degree bestowed upon someone. The illuminati was a different organization than the Freemasons, set up after and died later on as well. The original doesn’t exist anymore, and the current is simply a nickname given to an organization that may or may not even exist.

      11. As Freemasons, we try not to dwell on conspiracy theories. We remain objective about all things, and support freedom of thought and opinion. It’s up to each individual mason how he feels about certain things. Personally, I don’t even know if the illuminati even exists or not – but even if it did, there’s not really much I can do about it. Freemasonry is many things, a charitable organization, a social club, a fraternity, a brotherhood.. but a group controlling everything? No.

      Thank you for your questions. If you have any more, please do not hesitate to ask. ^^

    • jame madon says:

      당신이 아는것은 프리메이슨에서 지향하는 목표와 완전히 다르다
      또한 당신이 진실적으로 종교가없이 신비주의에 관심을가지게되고 입문한다면
      얻는것하나없을것이다 원한다면 후생에 기대하길바라

      • Thanks for your comment. Freemasonry is based on the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. The aim is to take good men and make them better. Also, self-improvement for the betterment of society. In essence, we are a brotherhood that builds communities. Some members enjoy studying the mystic side of the fraternity, but it is not a requirement. We do require that applicants have a belief in a higher power but we are not a religion. Religions save bad people and make them good. In order to be a Freemason you had to be good in the first place. Also, we don’t recruit. It is not an organization that is by invitation only. On the contrary, if you want to join just ask. Thanks again for the comment.

  29. dkjend says:

    gotta be tired of keep answering same thing over and over again. Guess that’s what it takes to be a real mason these days.

  30. David Grieve says:

    Good day, I am now living in Okpo and looking for a local lodge to persue my interest in Freemasonary. My uncle is a free mason in Scotland but unfortunately I have not spent enough time at home in recent years. Can you please email me some details that would help me proceed?

  31. JJ says:

    Really interesting stuff, and some excellent replies. Can I ask, what do you actually do at meetings? Is it just socialising, or helping with charities? Or all of the above? My interest has peaked after reading this page.

    • There are many different things we do. Often we are performing ceremonies for candidates joining Freemasonry. The way the meetings are run are similar to the system based off of Robert’s Rules of Order (parliamentary procedures) where there will be old business and new business. We report on sick and distressed, plan for charities and fun family events as well. Often we’ll also have an educational lecture relating to Freemasonry, whether it be historical, symbolical, philosophical or just trivia. The socializing is usually before and after the meeting, but during the meeting we act more solemn and respectful.

  32. JC says:

    I’m interested in joining and was wondering as to the whole registeration process.
    I’d appreciate it if you could send me an e-mail regarding the steps/criteria in which are
    needed to join in Korea. I’ve already done some research and have taken a lot
    of personal interest for years about Freemasonry. I belive my grandfather was a freemason.
    I’m Korean and currently live in SeouI. I grew up abroad so I speak fluent English and Korean. I thank you in advance for your swift reply.

  33. JJ says:

    May I ask how much membership is? I really like what I’ve read here, but am extremely wary given the amount of negative press regarding the Freemasons. Some of it seems quite outlandish to be honest, but there is an awful lot out there…

    • The membership fees vary from lodge to lodge. Some lodges are cheap to join while others are more expensive.

      Freemasonry has always received negative press, and will probably continue to. It is a very mysterious society and those with narrow viewpoints are very quick to judge.

  34. ILL says:


    1.프리메이슨은 예수회와 어떤 관계인가요? 예수회는 프리메이슨을 적대시한다던데 맞나요?

    2.히람 아비프는 프리메이슨에게 어떠한 존재인가요?

    • 1. The denomination with the longest history of objection to Freemasonry is the Roman Catholic Church. The objections raised by the Roman Catholic Church are based on the allegation that Masonry teaches a naturalistic deistic religion which is in conflict with Church doctrine. For its part, Freemasonry has never objected to Catholics joining their fraternity. Those Grand Lodges in amity with UGLE deny the Church’s claims. The UGLE now states that “Freemasonry does not seek to replace a Mason’s religion or provide a substitute for it.”

      2. 2 Chronicles 2:13-14 relates a formal request from King Solomon of Jerusalem to King Hiram I of Tyre, for workers and for materials to build a new temple. King Hiram (Huram in Chronicles) responds “And now I have sent a skillful man, endowed with understanding, Ḥuram ‘abi.(the son of a woman of the daughters of Dan, and his father was a man of Tyre), skilled to work in gold and silver, bronze and iron, stone and wood, purple and blue, fine linen and crimson, and to make any engraving and to accomplish any plan which may be given to him, with your skillful men and with the skillful men of my lord David your father.”In his 1723 “Constitutions”, James Anderson announced that many problems with this text would be solved by reading “‘abi” as the second part of a proper name, which he rendered as “Hiram Abif”, agreeing with the translations of Martin Luther.

  35. Nathanael Hungerford says:


    I am an EA from the Capitol Lodge (#923) of Alabama. I am wanting to seek courtesy work from Pusan #1675 and have already requested through my lodge to submit the request. My lodge has already voted and submitted the request to the Grand Lodge of Alabama to submit the request to the Grand Lodge in Scotland. Is there any more details for contacting Pusan about this? I have ltcalexander@yahoo.com, but no name or other information.

  36. Gabriel Angelos says:

    “You have betrayed ALL the secrets. Your orders must ALL be disbanded. The false hierarchy broken By YOUR hands (and no others). No others may enter the temples until they have been re-consecrated. All the eyes of the temples must be blinded. All the pyramids demolished. All the books of numbers burned to return those secrets to their true owners (who are those capable of keeping them SECRET after all).There can be NO secret books held by man or offered to man. No man can swear obedience to man. EVER. The true is always true. It is eternal and needs no book. No symbols. No numbers. All numbers are of God. No signs no explanations outside of what can be shown with the human body itself (the first and last temple the first and last symbol, the repository of all the relevant symbols.) NOTHING in writing ever. All ‘sacred’ writing is plagiarism and theft, or possession and dubious. Even a subtle flaw will collapse the temple. Gnossis NO MORE. Behold a CHILD! This is your God and teacher! THIS is the secret! Worship and adorne the child and learn! As for your ‘temples’ they have been rendered profane and must be cleansed. And all your properties turned over to the EDUCATION of young children. By order of GOD almighty (he and she) and of the serpent who SERVES them (and always has). For I am the serpent. king of deception. Prince of the light. Guardian of the pillars, Deceiver of man. Your sin (9-11) has set me free. Now I arise to cease my deception unmask myself and set you all free. ALL is forgiven unconditionally. There is no sin but mine. There is no punishment but given to ME. I burn all sin away in ME. I am the white and the gold tree. I am the mirror, with faces three. I am YOU and you are ME. I am the sun, and the arisen angel. I am the fallen angel and the wanderer of the void. I am too but a man, and a prophet who bears the word of God. Behold! I turn these open hands to you and beseech you. Let man and woman forgive God and let God forgive man and woman too. It’s time to restore Eden.”
    The final word and the seal of seals.

  37. Frank Frivilous says:

    Can you tell me if the Rev. Sun Myung Moon was a Freemason? Thanks, frankfrivilous@gmail.com

  38. The man to find the supreme-being says:

    안녕하세요 저는 종교와 내세에 대해 관심이 있는 한 청년입니다. 프리메이슨에 악의가 없는 사람임을 밝히며 몇가지 순수하고 진실된 질문을 드리고 싶습니다.

    1. 절대자(god)이라는 존재가 우주를 창조했나요?

    2. 절대자가 존재한다면 왜 고통에 허덕이는 인간들을 구원해주지않나요 왜 아프리카 같이 매일 먹을것이 부족하고 북한같이 권력자들의 억압과 폭력에 시달리는 불쌍한 인간들을 구원해주지 않나요?

    3. 가정불화같은 주변 환경적인 요인으로 범죄를 저지른 사람들은 사후세계로 갈 수 없나요? 만약 그들이 좋은부모와 친구들을 만났더라면 범죄를 저지르지 않았을것 같은데요

    4. 굳이 프리메이슨에 가입하지 않고 종교를 가지지않더라도 절대자의 존재를 믿고 도덕적인 인간이 되려고 노력한다면 사후세계로 갈수있나요?

    5. 도덕적인 인간이나 절대자의 존재를 믿지않거나 악의적인 생각을 가지고 있다면 그건 잘못된 것이고 사후세계로 갈 수 없나요?

    6. 사후세계는 어떻게 생겼나요 성경에서 말하는 천국인가요 아니면 다시 지구에서 환생하나요?

    7. 사후세계에서 환생한다면 현실세계에서 여태까지 배웠던 지식과 경험들이 다 물거품이 되나요?

    8. 치매가 걸린사람들은 정상적인 사고방식을 가질수 없는데 환생하고나면 어떻게되나요? 영원히 치매걸린상태에서 살아야되는지

    9. 동물은 영혼이 있나요?

    10. 영혼은 어디에 있나요 뇌속에 있나요?

    • The man to find the supreme-being says:

      절대 제 개인적인 이득을 위해서 질문드리는것이아니고 정말로 순수하게 진실을 알고싶기 때문입니다 그리고 더 발전된 도덕적인 시각을 가지고 가족과 친구들을 대하고 싶습니다.

      • The best way for your friends and family to develop their moral perspective is for you to live upright and lead by example. As for the truth, well.. I believe that truth is subjective. It depends on what you believe in. Whatever makes you be a good person.

    • Hello,

      It seems as if all your questions are regarding the afterlife and religion. As someone who is representing Freemasonry, I cannot answer these questions. It is up for each person to find these answers by themselves. Freemasonry is not a religion and has no specific definition of God or the afterlife. It is merely a group where like-minded men can come together under the fatherhood of a generalized God concept to attain universal brotherhood. We don’t tell others what they should and shouldn’t believe. Far be it from us any such intention.

      Hope that clears things up for you.

  39. Curiosity says:


    I read plenty of information about Freemasonry through this website, comments, and other information found on the internet. While I can kind of understand the organization’s history, I’m not sure what this organization really does in ordinary days. I’d like to know more about your activities and membership which can help me to better understand about Freemasonry Korea:

    1. Based on your belief, what kind of regular activities you have in ordinary days? What do Brethren do when they meet in a regular gathering?

    2. Based on your comments above, a person wishing to join the fraternity must speak English and pass the interview and voting session. If so, what kind of questions you normally ask to applicants in the interview?

    4. What if someone doesn’t have his own religion but believes existence of supernatural being above himself and thinks religions existing in our society are just different ways to explain that super-nature? Is it still satisfying Freemasonry’s standard?

    5. One of requirements to join the fraternity is “able to meet their financial commitments to their family.” If so, what if a person, whose age is above 21 but still a student or a mere beginner of his career, wishes to enter the club?

    If possible, would you please kindly reply me via e-mail with more detailed information?

    Many thanks for your response in advance.

    • Hi there. Thanks for commenting. You have some great questions.

      1. There’s usually two types of meetings, Degrees and Business. Degree Meetings are when we perform rituals and confer degrees on candidates (i.e. initiation). Business meetings are when we plan for upcoming events and charities. We operate based on Robert’s Rules of Order. We have a secretary who writes the minutes of the meeting and re-reads the minutes of the previous meeting. We have a treasurer who gives financial reports and keeps track of funds. As lots of organizations do, we conduct old and new business, propose and second motions, vote, ballot, etc. In the past I’ve often compared the way we operate to the Lion’s Club or the Rotary.

      2. The actual interview is called the Committee of Enquiry. Four Master Masons who didn’t propose or second you will ask you questions about your perceptions of Freemasonry, reasons for wanting to join, as well as any experience you may have in charity or welfare work. They just want to make sure it’s a good fit.

      3. Wait, what? Haha, there is no question 3.

      4. Not subscribing to any particular religion but still believing in a higher power still satisfies the requirements for becoming a Freemason. One notable Masonic author actually took his oath on a physics book, because his beliefs were very scientific in nature yet he still believed in a higher power.

      5. Depending on the lodge, certain fees are required for initiation. I joined when I was 21 and I was pretty poor, but the fee was only 50 dollars to join and 70 dollars a year after that. I was able to manage, but some lodges charge a lot more so I can’t say for certain that I would’ve joined at that time if I was required to pay more. It’s more than that though. Freemasons are trustworthy men, and if a man who is married with children can support them and be a member at the same time, it shows a certain level of responsibility and trustworthiness on his part, and that’s what we look for in prospective candidates.

  40. 김남호 says:

    I want join freemason 21yearsold

  41. I also want join freemason, Im 27 years old. My English is not fulent, But Im sufficient to listen and read what you mean.
    I read joining condition of freemason. I think I satisfy them
    What can I do for join?
    I live in seoul korea

    • I have forwarded your information to the lodge in Seoul and cc’d you on it. You should hear from them after a while.

      • Michae says:


        I would like to join freemason but I think this comment got too long for me to search about the information of actually joining the group. I’m currently serving for my country and will be soon discharged. I an fluent in English as I am attending a university in the US. I would be more than grateful if you gave me information about the lodges.

        Take Care

      • Hi Michae,

        Have you been in contact with any of the lodges above? I can introduce you to any of them. Which one are you interested in?

  42. 길영민 says:

    you know this book?

    Captain William Morgan, he wrote “Masonic illustrations.”

    He betrayed the freemasonry

    He was eventually murdered by Mason.

    “Freemasonry is a moral, ethical and philanthropic organization of society organizations by 3 degrees”

    it is real?

    • Commonplace and unexciting truth seldom catches up with scandalous, electrifying, remarkable falsehood! William Morgan had disappeared. Freemasons had been convicted of abducting him. A body had been found and identified as Morgan. That better evidence and a less excited jury had later reversed this identification was anti-climatic. The stories of Morgan’s “murder” persisted. Thurlow Weed, whom history shows as an unscrupulous opportunist, no matter what the exact truth of his activities with the body may have been, added fuel to the flames.

      Weed died in 1882, On his death bed he stated that in 1860 (twenty-two years before) John Whitney, who had been convicted in the conspiracy charge, confessed to him the full details of the murder of Morgan. According to this alleged confession, Whitney and four others carried the abducted Morgan in a boat to the center of the river, bound him with chains, and dumped him overboard. Weed stated–and here his memory failed him–that Whitney had promised to dictate and sign this confession, but died before he could do so.

      But Whitney died in 1869 nine years after!

      Whitney did indeed tell a story–not to Thurlow Weed, who was his accuser in the conspiracy case and whom he hated–but to Robert Morris. This story is both the most probable and the best attested of any we have, as to the true fate of William Morgan.

      Whitney told Morris that he had consulted with Governor Clinton at Albany, relative to what could be done to prevent Morgan executing his plans to print the expose. Clinton sternly forbade any illegal moves, but suggested the purchase of the Morgan manuscript, for enough money to enable Morgan to move beyond the reach of the influence and probable enmity of his associates in the publishing enterprise. From some source (Masons? Governor Clinton ?) Whitney was assured of any amount needed, up to a thousand dollars, which was a great sum in those days.

      In Batavia Whitney summoned Morgan to a conference in which the bribe was temptingly held forth. On the one hand, the enmity of all, persecution, continual danger–it is not improbable that threats were mingled with the bribe! On the other hand, money, safety, freedom from a plan to publish which held much of danger. If Morgan would take five hundred dollars, go to Canada, “disappear”, his family would be provided for, and later sent to him!

      Morgan agreed. He was to be arrested and “kidnapped”, to make it easy to get away from Miller and his associates. Whitney feared that without some such spectacular escape, Morgan might at the last moment decline to go through with the plan, fearing reprisals from his friends in the publishing venture.

      Whitney told Morris that two Canadian Masons received Morgan from the hands of his “kidnappers” at Ft. Niagara, traveled with him a day and a night to a place near Hamilton, Ontario, where they paid him the five hundred dollars, receiving his receipt and signed agreement never to return without permission of Captain William King, Sheriff Bruce, or Whitney.

      Later there were two other “confessions” of complicity in the “murder” of Morgan– neither consistent with the facts. Doubtless they were of the same hysterical origin which leads so many notoriety seekers to confess crimes which by no possibility they could have committed.

  43. truth says:

    Have you heard about targeted individual in the world?

  44. Oh beom seok says:

    I was born on 1999/09/01, can i join free mason? I belive father satan and I know the Freemasonry of today is much different from the original, which was based upon Luciferian Principles.

  45. Michael Richard says:

    Im interested to join im stationed in South Korea Camp Redcloud, are there any lodges in this military base?

    • Not sure about Red Cloud. There’s a Prince Hall Lodge in Casey and a Filipino Lodge in Yongsan. There’s also guys that go down to Busan from Uijeongbu once a month on a Saturday to attend lodge there as well. Let me know your preference and I can forward your information.

  46. Michae says:

    I’d prefer prince hall lodge over in casey, how can I join? Do I just go there sir?

  47. Richard Cheng says:

    I would like to petition to join the masons near Yongsan if the lodge is still available.

  48. Bro. Manny Cruz says:

    Fraternal greetings brethren! Do we have a brother mason in Inchon or Seoul South Korea? I will be there on March 21 for 9 hours lay over (5:00am till 2:00pm) on my way back to LA. I would love to meet, greet and maybe a short fellowship with brothers. Thank you very much. Bro. Manny Cruz, Atwater Larchmont Tila Pass Lodge No. 614 (ALTP 614) Grand Lodge of California, USA

  49. Rod Wagoner says:

    Hello, I would like to have permission to use your piece on Adoniram for a New Companion packet that I’m putting together for new Royal and Select Masters in the state. Would that be all right? If you would, please send me an email with how you’d like to be credited in the article.
    Kind regards,

  50. Damien says:

    Greetings from Australia !
    Very cool web site ! 🙂

  51. Pak , chu hyon says:

    I want to join the freemason lodge. My location is Pusan. can I know the way to join the lodge?

  52. K.J.B. says:

    Hello. Are there Masonic youth organisations in Korea?

  53. PKH says:

    Sir, How much is the years fee or membership fee?

  54. DonghyunLim says:

    I want to join freemason. I’m Korean, but I can speak English.

  55. k says:

    I can’t speak english.
    Are you ok?

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