Roger W. Haynes


Roger W. Haynes was initiated into Markland Lodge #99 on the Registry of the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia on April 25th, 2005. He was passed on May 23rd and raised on June 27th of the same year. In 2006 he served as Junior Deacon and again as Senior Deacon in 2007.

Markland Lodge Installation 2006

In 2010 Roger W. Haynes affiliated with Lodge Han Yang #1048 on the Roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He has served in all assistant and principal offices. He sat as Right Worshipful Master in 2014-2015 and now sits as the Substitute Master.

Lodge Han Yang No. 1048 S.C. Installation 2014-2015

Lodge Han Yang Installation 2014-2015

In 2012 Roger W. Haynes was made an honorary member of Lodge Harry S. Truman #1727 on the Rolls of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. He later affiliated in 2013 and sat as the Right Worshipful Master in 2015-2016. He now sits as the Immediate Past Master.

Lodge Harry S. Truman Installation 2015-2016

In 2013 Roger W. Haynes affiliated with African Lodge #459, chartered under the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free & Accepted Masons of Massachusetts.

459 web title

Roger W. Haynes is also a member of:

  • Valley Chapter #16 on the Registry of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of
    Nova Scotia, and Rose of Sharon Chapter #878 on the Rolls of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland;
  • Mayflower Chapter #2 on the Registry of the Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island, Order of the Eastern Star, and Elect Lady of the East Chapter #54, Order of the Eastern Star, Prince Hall Affiliated Washington and Jurisdiction; and
  • Valley of Seoul, Orient of Japan & Korea, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA.


8 thoughts on “Author

  1. Lawrence N. Adams says:

    Hello My Brother:

    Are you in Korea or know of anyone there? I was assigned there in the Army (1986-87) and am trying to identify someone who can assist me in purchasing a Masonic wool blanket. I will send that person a money order for the aount plus a wonderful dinner. If you know anyone that can assist me, please have them contact via email at:

    Thank You,

    Bro, Lawrence N. Adams 33

  2. Kirk Sabean says:

    W Bro. Haynes,

    I just stumbled upon your website overviewing the craft in Korea . Thank you for the wonderful work . I am also from Nova Scotia , originally raised in University lodge 110, GLNS in the old hall on barrington st., Halifax, but now residing in Hong Kong and the chaplain for Foochow 1912 under DGLHKFE, Eng. Let me know if you are ever in HK!

    P S

    Eastern Scotia lodge put up some excellent pdfs of your district’s history (far east).You probably already know..

    Fraternal regards,

    Kirk Sabean

    • Hello Bro. Kirk!

      I was in HK in March for Naval Military’s installation and again last month for the DGM’s reinstallation for DGLFE, SC.

      How about coming to Korea next month with the deputations for the installations?

      I will be in Manila in Nov and Japan in Dec for those SC installations as well. I will try to get to Lodge Cosmo’s re-enactment degree next June!

      Hope to see you some day.


  3. Kirk Sabean says:

    Thank you Bro. Roger for the reply here.

    I am sorry so late getting back. I thought maybe I dropped my email off here . Obviously I didnt. It is ..for future reference … Let me know if you need any assistance in Hong Kong, although it seems you already are well connected with many friends!

    Don’t mean to spook you out but I mentioned your name ( sorry,proud your Nova Scotian) to Bro. Martin Thomas at last Lodge Cosmo 428 meeting and he said you’re up for going through the chairs a second time around (!) Mad respect, and it seems you are on a proper full-on mission with this website. I can’t think of a better mission to be on brother. Get some flyer points…

    Hope to meet as well… Lodge Cosmo 428 !
    Reenactment was fun , educational and tops last time around..



  4. Bro Clemen Agulto says:

    bro please e-mail me at Me and some Brothers are visiting your area soon. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Bro Clemen Agulto
    Micronesia Lodge #173
    The Most Worshipful Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines

    • Bro. Clemen,

      I see you have already been in contact with one of the lodge secretaries. If you are in Busan tomorrow you should attend their meeting. They are doing a 2nd degree. I believe they are meeting at Busan station at 2pm.


  5. rw4goner says:

    WB Roger, I would like to use your article on Adoniram for a new Cryptic Mason packet that I’m putting together for Arizona. Would that be all right? How may I send you a draft copy so that you can see what it looks like?

    Kind regards,

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